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Learn about the life, success and style of Mexican American fashion designer Louis Verdad.


Louis Verdad Fashion Designer Profile Female: Creating funky clothing that makes women feel beautiful feminine and fashionable has become the trademark for fashion designer Louis Verdad. Born in Chicago and raised in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico, Verdad’s fashion career started at the Art Institute of Chicago as well as the Ray-Vogue College of Design and his collections are now inspired by the fashionable society women of his homeland. Having been influenced by the wealthy and fashion conscious social acts of the world as well as iconic couture’s like Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint-Laurent but that has grown to create some outstanding clothing that gains a constant admiration by his followers. He understands the importance of details, quality and comfort as well as incorporating a little bit of aginess in his designs which turns his outfits from just something basic into something beautiful. Always putting on a real display for his catwalk shows, he began his show in late 2005 with a humorous poke at Hollywood’s elite as a dog in pram followed the model down the runway. Verdad threw everything into his collection with models with big hair, romance, Prince of Wales check, dots, retro chic and live animals. Socialite Paris Hilton gashed over his clothes and daughter of Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart. Paris Hilton: I thought the show is beautiful and I really love his clothes. I’m going to go and meet him right now. Female: Actress Gina Gershon was also impressed with Verdad and the man of the hour was enjoying every minute of the attention feeling that people would appreciate a bit of frivolous fashion to take their minds of the dramas playing out in the world. In 2006, Verdad focused on a different era with a collection that was inspired by and called the Punk 40s being a little bit rock and roll, a little bit girly and a little bit edgy. Louis Verdad: The inspiration is a collection called the Punk 40s. It’s a little bit of rock and roll. People think that I’m the endless romantic and I do it. My clothes are very romantic. They have beauty lines, very girly. I tried to mix a little bit of the girly with something a little edger. So the shapes are gorgeous, very sharp razor shoulders, beautiful that are very chic. Female: Black and whites were the preferred Verdad colors of the night with black suiting including stripe high colors, little jackets and large waist belts. Verdad is also known for the large celebrity appeal he holds most years for his shows. Louis Verdad: Celebrity is a strong part of creating a good—it’s not the ultimate goal that I have but it’s amazing that they understand and it’s overwhelming you know. It’s one of the things that you constantly have to pin yourself on your mind how lucky you are of having all these following. Female: And among his celebrity followers were once again the Hilton sisters, Carmen Electra, Matthew Perry and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman, Anthony Kiedis. He has even gained fame for working with and dressing the acclaimed material girl herself, Madonna. He received worldwide attention when his outfits were seen across the globe back in 2003 during the MTV Music Awards when the controversial singer shared that infamous on stage kiss with the sometimes out of control Britney Spears. However, his name is known for his creative designs that appeared during fashion weeks and for the Spring 2007 Collection, he decided to extenuate volume with modern Kimonos and bubble shorts. He also brought an easy silhouette with jumpers and rompers which came in light in neutral colors. However, for this collection, Verdad was quick to point out that the waist were still a strong focal point. Louis Verdad has an act of understanding how to make a perfect and comfortable fit. With his attention to detail and design dynamics, he creates classic designs with that funky edge for women who are looking for that classic beauty.