Lost Boys - The Thirst
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Hollyscoop.com caught up with Jamison Newlander & Corey Feldman, who give us the scoop on their sequel movie, 'Lost Boys - The Thirst', advice for Young Hollywood & their thoughts on Lindsay Lohan. Interviews by Violet Kanian.


Lost Boys - The Thirst Violet Kanian: In 10 seconds, tell everyone why they should see this movie. Corey Feldman: It’s the return as the Frog Brothers. Jamison Newlander: Yeah, that’s it right there. Corey Feldman: What more needs to be said? Violet Kanian: Perfect? Corey Feldman: We’ve come to reclaim our stake. Jamison Newlander: We’ve got good action and I know it’s going over the 10 seconds but we got good action, good fighting side-by-side and some other stuff as well. Corey Feldman: Great stunts. Jamison Newlander: Yeah. Corey Feldman: Great special effects, great special effects make up good cast. Jamison Newlander: Yeah. Corey Feldma: 10 to Phoenix for the guys. Jamison Newlander: Yeah. Corey Feldman: The Frog Brothers do the girls. There, what more do you need? Violet Kanian: Of course. Corey Feldman: We got our stakes already. Violet Kanian: Oh my God. You brought it with you. Corey Feldman: Of course, I don’t leave home without it. Violet Kanian: What was the best part of making this movie? Jamison Newlander: Well, working together again was great. Corey Feldman: Yeah. Jamison Newlander: I would say that was probably it and bringing those characters -- the Frog Brother’s characters alive again. I mean we probably had the chance to do that pretty strongly in the show as well but you know, adding me back into the mix and kind of trying to bring those characters up to the present day and everything, that was a lot of fun. The stunts, doing the stunts, I did some of my own stunts. Violet Kanian: Oh wow. Jamison Newlander: Yeah that was a lot of fun. Violet Kanian: You both were part of Young Hollywood and you guys started out really young. What advice do you have for Young Hollywood to stay out of trouble? Corey Feldman: Don’t be part of Young Hollywood. That’s probably the best advice I could give. Jamison Newlander: Yeah it’s a third rail. It’s a tricky thing. I mean I think Young Hollywood is really great and really exciting but there are definitely some things to look out for, right? Corey Feldman: There are a few traps. You know the thing is look I don’t encourage people to start in this business before they’re old enough to make a decision to do so. I think it’s pretty important that you know, kids try to stay away from stardom before being 18 years old. And I encourage parents to keep their kids out of the business until they’re old enough to make a decision for themselves strictly because usually it’s not the kids’ themselves that have the problem but it’s the parents because they lose sight of what’s important. I think that it’s a great thing. I mean obviously we’re very happy to be here. We’re very happy that we’re still in the business and still working today but there’s many people who don’t get that lucky and had a lot more pitfalls along the way. Violet Kanian: Do you have anything to say to Lindsay Lohan who has just been in the spiral of trouble? Corey Feldman: I don’t know her. Jamison Newlander: I don’t know her. I give her my support, I mean she’s -- I think she’s really talented and I just think there’s a lot of tricky things where when you have talent and you become a commodity and people will give you what you want, what you ask for and so you know, not to say that I'm absolving her of involvement in shady thing -- Corey Feldman: Wrongdoings. Jamison Newlander: Wrongdoings, exactly! But it’s tricky and I hope she gets back on track. Violet Kanian: What was that like to just getting back together? Were you guys friends throughout the time that you weren’t filming? Jamison Newlander: Corey has been really a good friend, even when we weren’t really talking to each other that much because I was in New York and I was like Mr. New York guy but then I was then I going to school. Corey Feldman: I'm doing plays. Jamison NEwlander: Yeah, exactly. He’s going to school and I'm doing plays, I appreciate that plug. Corey Feldman: We managed to stay in communication throughout the years and you know, it was always kind of brewing in the back of our minds that there could be a potential of the Lost Boys sequel and that’s something that we always kind of wanted, something we always dreamed about happening. And when the tribe came around, one of the things that was very, very important to me was that if I was going to sign on that it had to involve Corey and it had to involve Jamison Newlander because I knew that the fans would want to see it that way. So, that was very important. And of course his part was very limited in the tribe and the most exciting part of about you know, this new sequel for me is the fact that we have him back and that it’s the official return of the Frog Brothers and I think it’s really delivering to the fans what it is that they want to see this time around.