Losing Weight - Dietary Guideline
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Learn how to lose weight - What are the dietary guideline recommendations?


Speaker: What are the Dietary Guideline Recommendations? Elizabeth Rahavi: The Dietary Guideline Recommendations are really the scientific consensus about nutrition and health. And they are the basis that health professionals use when talking to consumers about what types of nutrients should be in your diet. For dietary fats they used to say that low fat diets are best, but really the scientific consensus has moved on that and a moderate fat diet is what is recommended. This means that your diet should contain anywhere in between 20% to 35% of calories from fat. Along with the amount of fat, it also distinguishes between the types of fats in your diet. You have probably heard a lot about saturated and Trans fat, but you probably haven't heard a lot about unsaturated, which are the ones you should be consuming more of.