Lorie's Children's Reactions To Her Cervical Cancer Diagnosis
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Lorie recalls how her children reacted when she told them she had cervical cancer.


Lorie's Children's Reactions To Her Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Well, with a 20 and 18-year-old, it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t give them a nice little story and they’d say, “Oh okay mom. Thanks.” They were aware of my change in behavior. They knew something was wrong also. So when I, when I had to tell them that it was cervical cancer, they cried. The felt as though for the first time in their life their mom was in danger. I think it was pivotal for us as parent and as sons, because they are two boys, for the first time they felt as though I was their responsibility. They looked at me as being the person now who is in need of care and they have upped their game, as I would want to say. They take care of me like I had taken care of them. It scared them, but when they saw that my treatment was doable, when they felt as though there were people who were caring for me that cared, it made them relieved. They didn’t go to my treatments with me. They are both in college so unfortunately our schedules weren’t, it didn’t permit. However, they could see the improvement. They could see my spirit not being beaten down. They could see that I was going to be okay. That gave them such comfort, and they handled it well.