Looking After Premature Babies
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The Baby Channel visited the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Chicago Hospital where we met parents and their premature babies and the doctors and nurses looking after them.


Nurse Jennifer Lenox: It's actually very satisfying. I have worked in other areas of nursing that were not as satisfying, but these actually are fantastic patients to take care of. They go through so much and they are already sweet and smile and they generally do very well. Dr. William Meadow: The vast majority of babies in the NICU do well and everybody expects them to do well and it's a wonderful happy place. As anybody who actually spends a lot of time in NICUs is usually surprised to realize that most people when they don't know anything about NICUs, they think it's a terrible place, the babies are all weird and they are all dying and it's really sad. But in fact, NICUs are happy places. Brenda Morgan: I was very calm. Everyone was saying to me, we can't believe how calm you are. We can't believe you just had a baby and you are already down here and how calm you are. I am like, well, she needs me. You know you really have to just -- I mean you have your moments. And I have cried all the way home and you just boil your eyes out, because you can't believe it's happening to you. Oh! My God! But if you just stay calm and ask a lot of questions, I mean that's why I can tell you about, just about anything you want to know about this baby and that does help is to just inform yourself. Nurse Jennifer Lenox: Parents, just like the nursing staff here wants whatever is best for the infants. Unfortunately, they'll be setbacks times and things get frustrating for parents and they want things to progress a little faster and so sometimes it's frustrating for them, and we can recognize that. Brenda Morgan: Don't be afraid. I mean if you have a good hospital and good doctors which they are here and that is half the battle right there. I mean, knowing that somebody is here that can take care of your baby and they are here to answer all your questions. They will let you stay here and the doctors will talk to you. They will fill you in on everything and just being calm about it. Because being hysterical, the baby can pick up on that. If they are upset, you are upset and you want to keep them as calm as you can.