Little Swimmers - Teaching Your Children to Swim
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DadLabs Ep. 289 The Lab -As the weather is getting warmer, we are all starting to think about going to the pool with the family. From the first lesson freak out to the humpty dumpty board, swim professor Don takes us through what to expect in your kids first swim lesson. This video brought to you by Meridian Energy Systems. Swim lesson parenting tips: - Show up early - Make sure you have well fitting bathing suits - No eating before the lesson - First lesson be visible - Second ...


Daddy Clay: Hey, welcome back to the lab. I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: And I am Daddy Brad. You know Daddy Clay as the whether starting to turn warmer, my thoughts are drifting to cool, the beach and my Pamela Anderson Baywatch poster. Daddy Clay: If you have small children and wanted purred like Daddy Brad, you will probably thinking about swim lessons for the little ones. Daddy Brad: You know, here in Austin the swim season is long and if you throw a rocket UT probably going to had a gold medals at breaststroke. Daddy Clay: Or a competitive swimmer. So, we start hit the road and find out everything that heads needs to know about swim lessons. Don: My Name is Don Kralley, I am in charge at credit classes at University work with the ET swim teams and diving teams, gets the program. I am the influx director for this program called Summer Sports School”, the parent and infant program is the six months to baby is about three or four, about three or four they move up to independent lessons. There programs to the American Red Cross, the YMCA, US swimming, United States Swim School. Our program for 10 weeks for a 30 minute lessons. It is $99.00, they go all way up to $500.00 and if you know is looking for group lessons or private lessons. Private lessons range anywhere from $25.00 to $75.00 an hour. Fair in the day for swim lessons. Can come in soak early make sure they have suits. Make sure you do not eat rough for lessons to those things do not stay put. Parents usually are as nervous as the kiddos. Kiddos are it is petrified, be there it is like you cannot see on the first day. Next day try to be out there eyesight. They cannot see it. there is no play they gain a little more trust for the teachers. Now, humpy dumpy bar is the most ultimate game ever invented base it again the crawl out because once again till wall those ladders. Arm-arm, belly-belly, legs-legs to get out. Have a sit, you sing a song its fun then we knock him on the water. So, they get use to going in the proper way. But it is a fun ending game. If we do not do humpy dumpy we are in trouble. So, we got to make sure that board is in here. Ready to go. Daddy Clay: Well, that is all for us. Here in the lab. Daddy Brad: Be safe around the pool. We will you see next time. Daddy Clay: Have a nice swim. Do you swim? Daddy Brad: I know so much. Daddy Clay: I thought maybe the backyard would make buoyant. Daddy Brad: No, actually way to me down like a big sweater.