Lisa Roman's Baby Cakes Recipe
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Its mystery ingredient fits the name of Lisa Roman's dessert: Baby Cakes.


Lisa Roman's Baby Cakes Recipe Ultimate Recipe Showdown Male: The score to beat is 97 for $25,000.00 and TJA Friday’s menu. Female: She won this last year, this is what she does. Female: The adrenalin is rushing it’s like it still win. Male: Camilla Salisbury the judges awarded you 96% that means Lisa Roman is our big winner congratulations Lisa! Lisa: For me to win this was huge. I was the underdog everybody thought she was going to win because she’s Camilla and for me to win this was huge. My speed run recipe is baby cakes and they are miniature cupcakes made with baby food. Baby food is something unique to use in baking but it really keeps the cupcakes very, very moist. The important thing for me was to get the batter made and the cupcakes in the oven within 10 minutes that is not a lot of time. Male: Give me the run down on this, I heard there’s baby food going into this? Lisa: There is baby food going into this. Male: Shock factor alone you got them there. Lisa: That’s right. Male: You don’t want to have a little chit chat time do you will you. Lisa: No. Male: The stirring it with a knife. I mean you mean business. I’ll step away. Female: She’s using baby food. Male: I know you guys are all over the baby food, I know. Female: No, especially to me too but it’s not a bad idea because it’s just pure puree. Lisa: I’m using 2 jars of baby food one is apple sauce with apricots and the other one is pumpkin fruit pairs and a lot of people use apple sauce as substitute for sugar and the pumpkins prepares just gives it a little kick. Lisa: After the 12 minutes that I normally cook the cupcakes I had to take them out because I was running out of time. Male: I can’t see how she’s going to be able to get them out cool and ice them with cream cheese icing inside. Lisa: I knew I had to get the cupcakes out because they had a chill so that the defrosting quick melt. Male: Who are they? I saw little mighty mini muffins. Lisa: They’re in the refrigerator chilling. Male: They’re chilling. Lisa: Yes. The frosting that I used is my own invention, it’s a cross between butter cream and cream frosting and it has some almond extract in it. You can put this frosting on cardboard and it will taste that good. Female: I’m saving time in this competition by using a food storage bag like chef wood pastry bag. I cut the tip of the end and I used that to pipe in the frosting and it just saves a lot of time it just goes real quick. Lisa: I got the cupcakes plated the crusting wasn’t melted up the side. Female: Look at the little baby. Male: That is so cute. Female: That is totally cute. Lisa: Going to judging I knew that the concept that I had on this cupcake was great and the execution was pretty good. Male: What did you garnish them with? Lisa: Ground pecans which is also used in the batter so it ties it in. Male: Are you listening to these guys? Male: Catherine? Catherine: I think these are delicious. Lisa: Thank you. Catherine: They’re like Baby cute and the texture is great, the texture, it’s incredible. I’m really, really impressed. Male: What do you think? Female: These things are great. Lisa: Thank you. Female: Their great baby food what a good idea and I think people should know that it’s really just pure pureed fruit and vegetable. Lisa: Exactly. Female: So it really is such a wonderful idea that I think you know no one probably thinks about but you did which is wonderful. Male: Chef Salakas did you chef the whole thing. Salakas: Good man, good man these are really, really good, that sort of buttery nutty pecan just keeps like going and going and going and they really are wonderful. Male: Chef how many could you put down? Salakas: These? Male: 6, 12, 8 10. Salakas: Just keep them coming. You want to try we’ll go I mean they really are that good. Lisa: I was floored by their comments everybody had something positive to say. There was nothing negative. Male: Lisa Roman with the perfectly named baby cakes. Lisa: Denis did get a 95 in the first round but you know that score is beatable. Male: The judges have awarded Lisa Roman 97%. Lisa: When the guy said 97 my heart was beating on my chest. Catherine: Lisa did a fantastic job. She really had such a great creative and pot full recipe and it was fantastic and adorable.