Linux Options for a Really Old Computer
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the Linux options for a really old computer that are available to you.


Carrie: Another question here from David. David says, “I've got an old PC that just won't die and I'm trying to try—” Robbie: Why won't you die? Why won't you die? Carrie: “And I'm trying to find the right Linux version to use on it. It’s a Pentium 3500 with only a Pentium 128 megs of RAM needless to say Ubuntu and Kubuntu just laugh at the idea and I'm sure most of your viewers too. Right now, I'm running Puppy Linux 4.01.” Puppy, anyone Puppy Linux? Robbie: It’s so cute. Carrie: That is so cute. Robbie: Yeah. I tried that once. Carrie: “But getting anything to work on this Puppy Linux even the software and its own repositories is problematic. I can't even get Python to install properly. I've tried DSL which is sudo name for— Robbie: Yeah, damn small Linux. Carrie: There you go. Robbie: DSL. Carrie: Okay. Do you have any suggestions for David? Robbie: Yeah, a couple of people are mentioning Slackware, that would be a one of the first ones I like to stay within the Ubuntu stuff if I can like the different distros that are base on Ubuntu so I always look at Zubuntu first which is X Ubuntu instead of you said—I think you mentioned Kubuntu and Ubuntu. Carrie: Yeah. Robbie: Zubuntu is a little lighter weight because it uses XFCE. DSL is not really like Agamoto was saying not really the appropriate choice. Slackware again is the recommendation there, take a look at that. Yeah, so Slackware give it a go see if it works or you can try the alternate installer for Zubuntu which would keep you within the Ubuntu software. It makes things a little easier for support I think.