Lidia Bastianich on What Makes a Restaurant Great
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Lidia Bastianich talks about what makes a restaurant great. She also talks about how to plan a menu.


[Music playing] I think what should go on the menu again should reflect certainly the seasons, that’s number one. Should reflect the philosophy or the culture of the chef or whoever is running the restaurant. In our case of course, it is Italian and it is surely a consultation with the chef, and the sue chef as a whole. And a monitoring of what are the trends, what are people looking for. So, well balance certainly and in vegetables if there is sorts of interests, soups. The fish element, the red meat, the white meat, the lagoons, it’s a balance between all of that besides, it is just that okay we’re going to put lobster on the menu. It is the whole orchestration. It is the symphony of things that it has to happen. [Music playing]