Liam Neeson - Life After Natasha Richardson, at 'The A-Team Movie' Premiere
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Hollyscoop caught up with Liam Neeson at 'The A-Team Movie' Premiere in Los Angeles. Liam talks about his Family & why we should see this Movie.


Liam Neeson- Life after Natasha Richardson, at ‘The A team Movie’ Premiere Female: How’s the game? You’re on IMDVA you have 9 movies coming out. I want to know what inspires you to wake every morning and make good film Liam Neeson: I should be so lucky. Female: What inspires you? Liam Neeson: My kids. Female: Do you want them to be in show business? Would you want them to be a t show business to be an actor like yourself? Liam Neeson: No I don’t want them to be because being an actor is all about rejection you know. Female: Why do I watch this movie in 10 seconds? Liam Neeson: I hate saying it’s a roller coaster ride because every actor says that but it is. Great character, dynamic, thrilling stuff, I think there’s enough home page of the original show. The story line is a lot more complex than the TV shows. I was a little bit nervous about it but at the end of the day, it’s a role and Ridley Scott’s company thought I’d be capable of doing this, so, I trusted that.