Leg Lunges Work Out
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Fitness expert Liz Stuart takes you through another one of her quick and easy exercise routines. This time focusing on leg lunges.


Liz Stuart: We're going to do a series of lunges working those thighs and bottoms really hard. A slight deviation from the classic lunge, so just follow me and we'll work all the different areas of the thighs and bottoms. So, feet held apart and just right and left, nice and gentle first of all tummy tight thinking about your posture as well, and just roll your shoulders forwards, okay. Feet together, nice stable stance; one foot out, good step out in front and bicep curl arm, bending your back knee first, letting your body just stretch straight down and fall. Five, we're going to do eight, and then change legs. So, two more and one more and back, put out in front. Good. Big step, back knee bending down and as you push back up, pushups through the heel that's in front of you and four more, three, and two, and one, push back. Okay. One foot out to the side, together kick out, together side, together kick out and side. That's it. So, not only you're working your legs here, you're also working your stomach muscles too as you're keeping your balance, okay, keep it going, we have three more. Kick out. You really want a nice stable stance, so just focus on a point in front of view, and it always helps to keep you balanced and one more and lets changeover other leg, so kick out feet together. So, you really feel those thighs are working and you will feel these the next day or even a day after. Four, so we've got four more, keep it going. Don't forget as those stomach muscles are slackened up just tighten them up again. So, its really good habit to get into and last one now, okay and now we're going to bring the foot out in front and a kick out to the front as well. So, all the time, it's just a slight deviation from the classic lunge exercise, which is building a bit more balance and a bit more work to the legs as well. Four more on this leg, keep it going and when you do your exercises, make sure you just keep tucked up with water as well. One more, really good and now changeover to other leg and just straight down, many there now, this is the last set we're going to do. So, as you pushup, really pushup through that foot in front, two more, and last one, good. Just march it out, feet out in front and just right and left. Do these three times a week, those legs are really strengthened up and bottom too, well done. Here is a quick reminder to get the most from your workout. When lunging down, let your back knee bend first. Focus on a spot in front of you to help keep your balance. Push back up through your front heel.