Leaving the Hospital Without Your Premature Baby
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Bernadette Melnyk explains if it is common for parents to feel selfish for leaving the hospital before their premature baby is allowed to.


I always tell parents if you are not taking care of yourself first you are not going to be able to take good care of your preemie. So again, if you are overly fatigued, if you are highly stressed, if you are depressed, those emotions, no matter how you try to hide them, are going to be carrying over to your baby. It’s also interesting, in our research we found that fathers almost have a delayed response to the birth of a preemie, unlike moms, they start responding immediately. A lot of times there is a lag time to the emotions that fathers experience and that creates desynchrony between the mom and the dad, and a lot of times that’s a source of conflict between those two parents because they are going through the emotional roller coaster at different times.