Learning to Manage Time from Parenting
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In Chapter 1 of 16 in his 2011 Capture Your Flag interview, cloud computing technology executive Marc Ferrentino notes how as his kids age, he finds parenting more approachable. This also comes with finding the children schools and getting them enrolled. He notes how challenge boils down to managing time, schedules, and commitments to stay balanced with the kids and each parent's respective career. Ferrentino is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of cloud computing at BMC Software.


Erik: What’s getting easier and what’s getting harder in your life? Marc: What is getting easier? The kids are getting easier I guess. They’re getting older, that’s definitely a little easier. And you know we made a commitment to staying in the city so that kind of I guess made life a little easier because that took a big question mark off the table so that was, I guess – so there is something that’s easier now. We picked the school or school path for the kids so that’s made -- that’s a little easier now so we’re kind of on a nice path that we don’t have to worry about a lot of things for a little while in that respect from say a point of schooling and where we’re gonna be for the long haul but that might be it. Erik: Tell me about the tough stuff. Marc: The tough stuff is still, you know, it’s still about time. It’s still about balance. My wife Carrie works and I work and so you know she wants to have a career and I want obviously have a career and so balancing that with the kids and spending enough time with everybody and having enough time just to you know just to get things done, I mean something as simple as my daughter’s fifth birthday is, you know, there’s a lot things that have to go into that and there’s a lot of planning and you know there’s not a lot of time, or room for that in anyone’s day. So just little things like that that kind of come along, there’s always – every week there’s something new like that, something that we didn’t see coming, so.