Learning About Neurosurgery in Children
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In this episode of The Lab, Daddy Brad makes a visit to the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio to learn more about neurosurgery. He talks with Dr. Alan Cohen, a surgeon of pediatric neurology who explains how this pediatric hospital treats kids with neurological disorders. Dr. Cohen has an office decorated with lots of Elvis Presley memorabilia, which helps lighten the mood for patients and family.


Host: I’m here today with Dr. Alen Cohen who is the Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital in Cleveland Ohio and today, we’re going to do a little brain surgery. Alen Cohen: But first, we got to get rid of this tremor here, now relax. A monkey can do this operation. What we try to do is to lighten the mood because of its source we deal with are serous one, life threatening ones that affect the child and the entire family and I think that we can loosen the mood and lightly air everybody does a little bit better, so some of these things are gifts to Elvis lamps that are on my desk tend to lighten the mood of the area and what we try to do is invoke family centered care, so we’re not just taking care of a disease or brain tumor, taking care of a child and a family. This is an endoscope and what we can do— Host: It’s a little camera. Alen Cohen: Right, instead of making a big exposure, a craniotomy we can do this through a little, tiny dime size opening in the head. Now, we’ve never worked before together. Host: But I did play—as a kid though, you know. Alen Cohen: And that’s all you need. A pediatric neurosurgeon takes care of disorders of the nervous system, the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves that require surgery. It’s a fairly sub-specialized area. Most kids don’t require a pediatric neurosurgeon but when babies are born, it’s nice to have a hospital where we have sub-specials available in the even that there is a problem that needs to be dealt with. The conditions that we treat are conditions, the congenital malformations, hydrocephalus or water on the brain or other birth abnormalities or brain tumors or blood clots. Sometimes, epilepsy seizures can be refractory to medication and there are surgical things that we can do to fix that. So, we take care of a host of problems that involve the nervous system. Host: Dr. Cohen, thank you so much. There are lots of great information and you’re doing wonderful things for families. We appreciate your work. Alen Cohen: And thanks for coming, you made it look easy. We’ll let you hold the beeper. Host: Yeah, well I was an economics major you know. That’s all for us here at DadLabs. Thank you.