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Diva of Desire and expert relationship coach Mama Gena takes her advice to the street, answering burning questions about relationship problems from both men and women.


Male: Mama Gena. Male: Mama Gena. Male: Mama Gena. Male: I’ve always wondered. Male: What? Female: Where? Male: Why does a girl? Male: How does it feel? Male: Do women like? Female: How do I deal with this? Not like, you know that one. Male: Mama Gena, how should I act around women? Regena Thomashauer: We like a combination of cockiness and humility is irresistible. Male: I feel like women in bars are never really there to meet men, is that right or is it just me? Regena Thomashauer: First, I want you to know that if there is a gang of women at this bar, she is there because she is hoping that something like you will happen to her or something like you or something like you. She is there because she is like—put on her little high heels and here little push up bra because she was hoping that there would be a cute guy who would come up and notice her. Male: Do women really like when I open doors for them? Regena Thomashauer: If there’s a door, open it. Every single time you open a door for a woman, it’s sexy whether she’s eight years old or she’s 80 years old. It serves you. It’s like building your—I got game karma. Male: Do I always have to pay for my date? Regena Thomashauer: Let’s say after we’ve been dating a few months, then I’d like to take care of you too you know but in the beginning of the courtship, it sort of sets a wonderful tone. Male: Okay seriously, what are women looking for? Regena Thomashauer: The most important thing for a woman is attention. That is the key to turn us on and it cost you very little in terms of time, I mean how long would it take to text, you turn me on. Ding! Ding! Ding! And then she starts to feel little goose bumps all over her body. She’s reading this in the middle of her work day and she’s reading—I turned him on. Male: Should I always offer to pick up a date or is that too old fashioned? Regena Thomashauer: I love that. No matter who the guy is, he goes from whatever he’s rating system was, he shoots up another 10 or 20 points if he offers to pick me up and take me to whereever we’re going. Male: What’s a good way to get the attention of a nice looking young lady without a stupid line? Regena Thomashauer: The thing that captivates a woman, like how we think you are a genius is if you think we are beautiful. You have palm of your hand. Like if you were to go up to a girl and say I mean I’m paraphrasing you, you use your own language, but something like you are so beautiful, I just had to come and tell you.