Learn to Play Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd on Guitar
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Tabs here http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/p/pink_floyd/wish_you_were_here_ver5_tab.htm good luck


What is up guys, this is Aaron. This next song I want to teach is “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. It is actually not too difficult of a song. I am sure that you will think it is kind of easy to play. The intro sounds like this [Demonstration] All right. So it started on a G chord, middle finger 3rd fret, high E or low E, top string, second turn down pointer finger 2nd fret and then ring and pinky [Demonstration] on the bottom two strings 3rd fret. You are going to play the three [Demonstration] okay and you are going to play that lower E with your pointing finger. [Disturbance] You are going to go on a low E, you are going to play the low E [Demonstration] then you got to play the second string the A string you are going to play it open and hammer on the 2nd fret, all right, so you are going to go [Demonstration] then you are going to play the D string open and then put your middle finger on the 2nd fret. [Demonstration]. So you are going to strum to G [Demonstration]. So you are going to go [Demonstration] down, down, up, up down [Demonstration] lets see [Demonstration] down, down, up, up down, up and then what you are going to do for that is you are going to play the D string with your middle finger still on 2nd fret [Demonstration] and then to the G string so D with your middle finger 2nd fret [Demonstration] G open [Demonstration] and back to the D 2nd fret [Demonstration] and then open [Demonstration] and then strum the G [Demonstration] same thing again [Demonstration]. And the next thing you are going to do is that you are going to go [Demonstration] same as the beginning part, [Demonstration] but this time you are going to go [Demonstration] down, down, up, up and then you are going to play the D string 2 and an open so [Demonstration] and an A string 2 open [Demonstration] D 2 open [Demonstration] A 2 open [Demonstration] then you strum the G [Demonstration]. So I am going down, down, down, up, up, down, down, down, down, up, up down. All right then there is this little guy here the [Demonstration] See [Demonstration] something like that and there is the second part of that. [Demonstration] All right I think that is how it is. How it goes. I will just pull a tab up here and actually I will do it right now. Let me pull a tab up and we will take a look at it, all right. This tab I am sending you has solos; It has a solo in the middle and then the kind of intro solo. So I might teach you to intro solo in four parts so whenever I say part one that means you are working on the four lines because on this tabs got three, it has got four parts so just if I say part one, the we are working on the first line. So all right part one take your ring finger—No [Demonstration] take your middle finger from the G string, which is your 3rd stringer from the bottom and 1-2-3-4th down from the top, the second fret middle finger, your going to play that [Demonstration] slide up to the 4th ,put your pointer finger down on the 3rd fret [Demonstration] then put your ring on the 5th fret of the B and play 5 then back to the 4th fret which is still holding on the G [Demonstration] and then 3, on the B because you took your ring finger off [Demonstration]. So it goes [Demonstration] then 5, 4on the G [Demonstration] 3 on the B. Then you are going to put your ring finger on the 4th fret of your G string, play once and your pointer finger is also on the 2nd fret of the G string because when it is you are going to play the 4 [Demonstration] you are going to play 4-2-0 and then the string above it, your D string is open [Demonstration] now I will do pull ups I will play one note [Demonstration] and just pull my fingers off [Demonstration] but you can just play [Demonstration] and then the string above it open, your D string [Demonstration] then go to the 1st fret of your A string and play [Demonstration] 1st fret and slide up [Demonstration] and then play your G string open again twice [Demonstration]. All right that is the first part. Second part, second line of this part of the solo put your ring and pinky on the 3rd fret of your E and B you