Learn to Play Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver
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Learn to Play Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Neil Hogan Take Me Home, Country Roads The Campfire Version This preview is a part of a Complete Free Lesson available at Totally Guitars.com Hey I’m in the mood to do some kind of country folk song just up today so we’re going to take a quick look at John Denver’s take me home country road. Again one of the first song I remember strumming and singing and playing and stuff like that I’ve been playing for few years by the time this came out which I think was 1968 but it could be more than that. 1967 anyway this is a song that you could play in any key. It doesn’t matter what this is like the perfect campfire song so all you got to do is keep your strum. I’m going to do it the key of G which is going to put some of the notes a little to high for me so I’m not sure if I’m going to sing it or not but G is a great key for this and all we got to do is it starts on one and it’s the almost have in line. Now what I’m using there for the strumming pattern is hitting the base note on the first speed and a down on the 2nd beat hitting the 2nd the same base note on the 2nd on the 3rd beat and then maybe a up, down, up or down up. Either this or maybe this as long as you get the base notes on the first and 3rd beats and make the first base note louder than the 2nd one which is on the 3rd beat and then get a good strum down on two. The rest of it doesn’t even matter as long as I keep moving see you couldn’t tell what I was doing there. I was just keeping going lightly across the strings. Well what you heard was that’s what you need in to just make this song roll right along.