Learn to Play I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
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Learn to play A Horse With No Name Guitar lesson- Death Cab for Cutie sample guitar lesson. This segment shows you how the song is played, giving you tips on how to play it yourself.


Learn to Play I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Neil Hogan I Will Follow You Into The Dark The Campfire Version This preview is a part of a Complete Free Lesson available at Totally Guitars.com This is a really pretty song. I will follow you into the Dark Death Cab for Cutie this delicate little sound is created by capoing at the 5th so a lot of times if the song is capoed it’s not that important to do it. This one when you come to the 5th fret it significantly changes the sound of the guitar so for us to play the song with the campfire version of I’ll follow you we’re going to we’re going to capo it so you definitely going to have a capo for this but you don’t need the capo to practice it I’m going to… We’re going to do a simple strum. I want to play this with a pick. Now you can make it sound a little more authentic by using your fingers. That’s how it’s really played but we’re trying to simplify it right now and just make it something that’s very simple to play. I may get you longer lesson we have about that particular finger picking pattern. It’s not really very complicated but the important sound that we’re looking for here is basically what’s hid on the first beat of the measure and that’s hearing the base note on beat one and then a nice solid strum on beat two. It has almost the kind of country sound or this has a little bit of a swing feel to it. It’s not really swing but it’s just got this little ting feel that’s the term I guess I was looking for there. You can let just moves along really nicely you know like over the pavestone and the creeks so when I’m moving there very slowly just hitting the first base so hopefully clean and solid and then a down up on the 2nd beat and then base out on the 3rd beat hit much lighter than the first one. Now you could hit it the same. It doesn’t sound as good. That’s 3rd base now he used to be in the background. But in the chords their changing quickly so now we also have some pass and base notes oh waith let me finish the strum so.