Learn to Play Her Eyes by Pat Monahan Part 2 on Guitar
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Part two of the lesson. Message me with your email for tabs. Hope this helps. Take care. Aaron G


You know where to get these tabs and you know you will be able to see this a little easier than just in the lesson, then you go back into the verse again the same as before. Then bridge in the end of the chorus again. I guess, it is not really the bridge that might change that. But the C and the D is actually more of pre-chorus. I am going to change that real quick. Alright and then the bridge is actually kind of tricky, I guess you could say. So, we will talk through it in another part. This is probably one part that I will give you some problems if you are having some problem to any part of the song. So, the bridge is actually, you are going to be at Bm barre chord. So, barre across the 2nd fret above the capo and take your middle finger and put it on the 3rd fret of the 5th string down which is your B string. So it is going to be that one. [Demo] Then take your ring finger up here on the 3rd string down on the 5th fret. So, it is going to be actually 4th fret. It is going to be two above your barre. It is that note. And your pinky finger is going to go on the 4th fret on the 4th string down. [Demo] So, it is going to be a Bm. But it goes really quick. [Demo] It goes Bm to G to Am to A to the Em. And at the second time it goes Bm, [Demo] D to A. You go two beats then Bm, G to the A again, eight beats. Then you go to C for two beats to the D. So, the bridge altogether is Bm. [Demo] Then C to the D. Then there is kind of a little picking part between the bridge and the final chorus. In that, the three chords you are going to need for that are the Cadd9, which is just like your G. [Demo] Instead, you are going to move these top two fingers down. So, or the 4 you have this one -- the first string and this on the 2nd. You are going to move this down to the 2nd string 3rd fret and your pointer finger now on the 3rd string 2nd fret. [Demo] Cadd9 and then D like I did before. [Demo] And then back to G. So, it has six chords you are going to change from. It goes Cadd9 to D to G. Then D to G to Cadd9 and you can hear him picking, so I mean, when I play, I will play different every time but I just do like, I will play at the top two notes. Like, see how I am going to play this. [Demo] Then D. [Demo] So, basically I just tried to play the base note which on the Cadd9 is going to be the 2nd string down, your A string. [Demo] On your G it is going to be the 1st string, your E string. [Demo] And the D is going to be the 3rd string down. {Demo] So, this is actually your D string. So, those are the base notes. And I will just climb down like the Cadd9 I will play 2nd, 3rd string like 2, 3, and then 5, 4 or in 2, 3, 6, 5. It is really up to you but it goes Cadd9 to the D to the G to the D to the G then Cadd9. Whatever picking pattern you want. But for my personal preference I will just go, you know, like -- [Demo] 2, 4, 6, 5 and then D. [Demo] You know, like that. So, really it is just -- it is kind of finding your rhythm that what you think sounds best for that. So, that is the lesson on the song. I am going to go ahead right now and actually play the song and this is going to be a little longer. But I am going to play the song in my headphones and try to just strum along with the whole song. Because this can be a tough song to strum with so, I will try to just do this and bear with me if I mess up. I am not really going to rerecord. So, I wish you can take it on the top and email me the tabs because right now I do not have the intro. The G. This is on the verse. [Demo] Now, let us go back to the verse Em, G, A, F. I am scrolling down here. Em, G, two beats at A. Em, G, A, F and gets in the pre-chorus again, where it is C. [Demo] Then the bridge. [Demo] Then it gets back at chorus. [Demo] Play the chorus again after that. So, I hope that helps you guys. And I have to get off here and get to church So, have a good day and I will talk to you later.