Learn to Play Her Eyes by Pat Monahan Part 1 on Guitar
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This is another request. Hope you all enjoy. I have the tabs so send me a private message with your email and I will send you the tabs. Take care everyone. Aaron G


Hello guys. I want to try and do a video for you really quick. This is not a request, this is a song called Her Eyes by Pat Monahan. I have the tabs. There is just few of them in line but I try to put 2 and 3 of those together and make the one that I think sounds best for it. So, if you need it, I will email it. Send me an email and I will email the tabs to you. So, send me a private message here with your email address. We are on standard tuning capo is on the 3rd fret as you can see. The intro and its full chorus is in Em. The Em is open on the top string, second string down which is the A string, on the 2nd fret, with your pointer finger. And the third string down, your D string here on the 2nd fret with your middle finger. [Demo] So, that is Em there. Then the second chord, you are going to go to the G. Now, with the G, you are going to leave your pointer finger where it was, pick your middle finger up and put your middle finger on the 3rd fret of the low E string here, top string. [Demo] Then take your ring finger, put it on the 5th string down, 3rd fret, your B string. Then put your pinky finger on the 3rd fret of the high E, your string at the bottom. [Demo] That is your G. Then you go to an A which is your next chord. The tab says a variation, it is Am5 but I am just going to call it A, so it is easier to remember. You want to move your pointer finger over here to the 3rd string down, 2nd fret and then put your middle finger on the 4th string down, 2nd fret way behind it. [Demo] So, that is the little A variation I play. And the fourth chord is an F, F# variation. So, just leave that middle finger there on the 4th string up the 2nd fret, like you were on A. Pick your pointer finger up and put it up here on the 2nd fret of your low E string, the top one. [Demo] So, that all together, the strumming pattern is like this. [Demo] And with that last beat I am just taking, you just play these three open but it does not really matter. I am just telling you variations. That intro, the Em to G to A to F. That is the same thing in the first part of the verse. The verse really is kind of three parts. The first part and the third part are just like the intro. [Demo] Do the Em, G. Do the A to that F kind of variation. That is the first time. The second time you go Em to G to A for two beats. Back to first part, Em to G to Am to the F. So then, the bridge at the end of the verse is just a C to D. Now, with the D is a variation too because instead of having open, open, open, 3rd string and your 4th string down, 2nd fret, pointer finger and the ring finger on the 3rd fret. But on the high E, instead of having your middle finger on the 2nd fret like a regular D, just leave it open. So, you got it open, open, open, 2nd fret, pointer finger. 3rd fret, ring finger and open. So, open, open, open, 2, 3, open. [Demo] And the C which I kind of skipped over and I do not mean to do that but that is open and then ring finger 3rd fret, third string down and then middle finger, 2nd fret. 4th string, open. 5th string down, pointer finger on the 1st fret. So, that is the intro and the verse and the bridge. So, I am going to play the intro, the verse and the bridge real quick and just kind of give you the sound for it and we will go to the feel. [Demo] Intro and the first verse. Bridge C. That is the D and then it goes into the chorus where it starts at “Her eyes.” And the chorus is Em. [Demo] To C. [Demo] For the Em and C, you have just like we have earlier. Top string open, pointer finger, 2nd fret on the 2nd string down middle finger on the 3rd string down, 2nd fret. Whenever you get to the Em to the C, that middle finger does not move. So, from Em to the C. [Demo] You lift your pointer finger up and move it up here to the 5th string down, 1st fret. [Demo] And then pick your ring finger and put it on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string down. [Demo] And you move it here your D. [Demo] Once again we are playing open, open, open, 2nd fret pointer finger, 3rd fret ring finger, open. Next to that D is an A. So, w