Learn how to Prepare Fried Chicken Breast
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Learn how to prepare fried chicken breast in this video with world famous Chef Michel Richard.


I am Michel Richard from Citronelle. I’m going to show you how to make a fun Valentine's dish, super fried chicken. For that we need chicken, bread, we need a little bit of curry, salt and pepper, a nice little mixer like this, and a fryer. We have a fryer here. First what we are going to do now? We have got to remove the fat from the chicken breast, the grease here. Okay, I have removed all of that. Here I already have my piece of plastic film. Now I’m seasoning the meat with salt and fresh ground pepper, and I place the meat and then I am going to wrap it almost like a sausage. See, try to create a sausage. Tight, make it tight. Make it tight and you are going to roll it five or six times. Then tight, see the way I do it. And I use a piece of kitchen twine. See, that looks good, it's nice. Now we are going to cook it. We are going to poach it for half an hour at 140 degrees. You should do that a day before the celebration. That they can be sat one day or one night in the fridge and now we are going to finish it. We are going to add the crust into the chicken. For that, we need the bread, a day old bread and now remove the crust. This is the nice Italian bread or French bread, if you want. See, I cut a piece of bread, and I am going to process the whole thing. Do you have a machine like this in your home? You don't have one, ask your husband or ask your wife to buy you one for Christmas. Here now the bread is ready. It's being processed, so you have big nice piece of some bread crumbs. And I’m going to transfer that into a bowl. Very nice, at the way I want it. I need to create a groove. I need to create a groove for my bread crumbs to the chicken. For that, I am going to use one ounce or two ounces of chicken here, I'm going to add a little bit of salt, a teaspoon of curry, and I am going to add a little bit of milk. I want to create egg mousse. I want that consistency of mayonnaise. Here we are, just a little bit of that. I am using my magic bullet. All right, here we are. It should be ready. Now I take a spoon. You see, nice consistency, very nice. I need to remove the plastic from the chicken. It looks exactly like a chicken sausage. The great chicken because it's a fried chicken without bone. It's boneless, it's easier to eat, and it is wonderful, and we cut that piece. See, you dry the chicken and you want to make sure that the puree is going to stick to the chicken. We roll into bread crumbs and here we are. You fry the chicken in oil. We fry it for at least, maybe five minute. Cook at 350, it will be perfect but if you want honestly, kind of, do I look like skinny? If you don't want to fry then you can bake it in the oven at 400 degrees, but it will not taste as good. Okay, you understand that. Frying tastes better. Even in my restaurant, we use clarified butter. Look when you fry it, it becomes so crispy. The texture is so fabulous, all right? But now I am going to show you how to make the grits, the potato grits, with a little bit of butter on the grits, so delicious.