Learn How To Create The Perfect Pancake
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The Pudding Master Class Continues, This Time With A Pancake-Day Special Everyone has their favourite pudding but not everyone knows how to make them! However, help is here in the form of Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery. Phil is here to give easy step-by-step instructions to create 12 fantastic puddings, one pudcast a month. And bang on time for Pancake day. join Phil as he prepares a delicious looking Caramel and Bramley Apple Pancake. With one in five Brits having never ...


Today’s podcast, we’re making grammy apple and caramel pancakes. Alright for the pancakes, we’ve got flour, eggs and milk. For the filling, grammy apples and butter, a serve of squishy caramel and cream fresh. First of all, for the pancakes, we’ll get some flour, get into a bowl. Next, the eggs, we’ll just crack it in like that and a little tip here. We’ll add some of the milk at this point. Then, whisk it gently. We’re whisking from the center right in the yolks. If you just whisk from the center, you’ll find that the actual flour incorporates perfectly without any lumps. And then as you can see, it should cover tight lumps but it is a fairly soft way of making a batter. And then you add enough milk to make a smooth batter. And if the batter’s too thin, the pancakes will fall apart when you pick them. If it’s too thick they would be called blister and they’ll pop up, almost like puffed pastry. We’re just getting that mixture perfect already and not so bad. Here, we’ve got a pan which has been heating for a couple of minutes. And so I’m going to add a tablespoon and a half of oil and we’ll put enough mixture into the pan, just covers the bottom. What you don’t want to do is end up with too much mixture in your pan but if you do, you end up with a thick pancake. Now, the first pancake, always if it doesn’t brown enough or it splits or it sticks, so you get the initial heat of the pan often it’s going to work perfectly. Now as this is cooked, you’ll see that the insides are starting to dry on the outside. You start to get a little touch of brown. Let me just get this up. Let’s see, like that, nice, and perfect. But, you touch only the pan for the first one. So just flip this over. Now you can see that that mark in there is because we’ve got too much oil in the pan. So next time, we put it a little bit lesser. I saw some blistering slightly. That’s what I mean about the pancakes being so thick. Let’s give it a couple of second on the side. And this is the professional way of getting them out. Hand, pancake, plate. You don’t need baking parchment or clingy film. You just check them on the plate like that and make them and stack them up. Cover the pancake, put in the fridge. Residual moisture in between there as it condenses will stop them from sticking. Trust me. I’m a chef. This is ready now into the hand, on top. And you can see the steam coming up on that, it’s what cools the condensation and they won’t stick together. This is the brownie apple filling. I love grammy apples purely because they have a wonderful acidic flavor, and also they’re quite high on moisture so they cook down very quickly. And when they do cook down, we have what we call a marmalade. It’s absolutely fantastic. It marries perfectly with a bit of cream fresh and the squishy caramel. It will cut the flavors beautifully. We need to prepare that. So, sharp knife, just take off the top. Make use of the corer. Make a halfway through that hole, take them out. Turn it over. Cut the other half and it should go straight to the bottom. Then, I’m going to cut it into quarters. Sharp knife, easy there, a very sharp knife, just take off the core. You can use the peeler, it’s up to you. Just peel off the skin. Just like that. I’ll just cut my apple into thin wedges just like that. I have here a hot pan. To that I’m going to add unsalted butter, and just cook that, and it starts to brown and pop in the apple, and just close in the butter. Spoon them into the pancake. And there is no sugar in this, in that alignment. The apples are cooked down perfectly. A touch of cream fresh, again, not too much, just enough to bring the little flavors together. Finally, smooth caramel. There’s the sugar. We should move it to the center of the plate. Finally, there it is. Hot grammy apple pancakes. And best part of all is tasting it. For more of my delicious recipes, get to carnation.co.uk.