Learn About the Virgo Astrological Sign
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If your birthday falls between August 22 and September 23, you are a Virgo, Learn more about this astrological sign in this short video.


Welcome to WatchMojo.com, I am Rochelle with your horoscope and if you are Virgo, you are born in between August 22nd and September 23rd. Now Virgo you are one of the intelligent signs. You are smart, you basically got the brains of them all, which is great and you also very creative. You are also observant. You notice absolutely everything and I do mean everything. Something is out of place you are going to see it, which is great but sometimes Virgo you could just be a little to judgmental. Now Virgo you also know all about routines so routine, routine, routine got to have it, all straight in order. You are like the Martha Stewart of organization, which is great. I mean, listen! While I work if you want to make a million go into a career planning, I guarantee you will basically make a million and just remember, who told you that? Okay. Now Virgo you are also someone who is very rational. You analyze everything, which is great but you should really look at the bigger picture. You might be want to say something and in terms of friends, well, you are not the most popular one of the bunch but hey, what if someone really gets to know you, they will like you for your charm and what you really have to offer. Okay, Virgo now when it comes to romance well, it is really funny I cannot believe the fact that people think that you area hard to get. I mean, you are anything but that you are actually shy and the more you like somebody, the shy are you become. I know it is a pity and it is a vicious cycle but if a Virgo does not kiss on the first date that means you got to take it, you are in. They like you and Virgo for your best match it is a Capricorn. You see guys are both so precise. You will know precisely how to please each other and your worst match Virgo that is Aquarius. You see Aquarius is anti at routine, neither I say anything more and for some famous Virgos they are Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Mother Teresa.