Learn about the Insurance Options for Baby Boomers
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Learn about the insurance options for baby boomers in this video with Bob Hurley from eHealth Insurance.


What affordable insurance options are available to baby boomers? Bob Hurley: Early retirees that are considering making a change in their lifestyle and moving away from their employer sponsored health insurance, it's very important that you start that process before you leave your employer and therefore, your health insurance coverage. It's important because you need to know what your options are for health insurance coverage in your specific area or in the area that you may be moving to. Many early retirees that I talk to are often planning on moving off to some other location in the country and therefore, it's very important to find out what the health insurance options are wherever you are moving to and obviously, the internet is a very powerful way to do that because you can actually put into our site for example a zip code from whatever region you want to move into or wherever you are going to be settling down after you retire early from whatever career you are in. And you can actually then see what health insurance products are available in that market. See what the pricing looks like, see what the benefits look like and that's really important to do early before you actually leave your employer so that you can then start that process and have it in place for you when you actually leave the coverage of your employer.