Learn About the Increase in Type 1 Diabetes in Children
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Linnet Steinman discusses the increase in Type 1 diabetes cases among children.


Are you seeing an increase in Type 1 diabetes cases and why? Linnet Steinman: We are seeing an increase for a longtime, I though out was just because I was more tune to it in my job and but I am seeing an increase in Type 1 diabetes. there is some, some thoughts that it is an auto immune process that it might be cause some sort of virus that you need to have that genetic predisposition to be susceptible to that virus. But there isn’t a strong genetic link, in my case in my personal case I do have two children with Type 1 diabetes but there is no history of type 1 diabetes on either side of the family and my husband side of the family or my side of the family. So, I don’t know where that link came in, it is very odd and that’s sometimes hard to get your hands around. But the positively thing about that is, that for someone who does have type one diabetes they can— they don’t have it to be concern they have a 50% chance of passing that gene onto there own children. I know a number of people who have Type 1 diabetes with the children and to the children do not have diabetes.