Learn about the Health Insurance Young Invincibles
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Learn about the health insurance young invincibles in this video with Bob Hurley from eHealth Insurance.


Who are the young invincibles? Bob Hurley: The young invincibles, these are folks that are between the ages of 18 and 34. So it's kind of neat to think that you can still be over 30 and be considered a young invincible. So, it's good news for those that are between 30 and 34. But these are people that have difficulty justifying the cost of health insurance for themselves. Some of them frankly are totally ignorant to the fact that health insurance is even something that they need to get. In fact, I talked to young people quite a bit as I travel about the country and one of the things I hear is, "I never had to think about health insurance because my parents covered me until I was 24 and getting out of college. So then, I got out of college and I just thought my job would cover me," and yet they go into career paths that are unique and different from the ones that their parents chose. Many of them are freelance writers. I meet freelancer writers a lot who don't have coverage through an employer because they are self-employed basically and they don't know where to go to get health insurance. Another big segment of people that are uninsured are those that are going off and starting their own little businesses. On a high tech industry, there are many young people that come out of college, they have great new ideas, they want to innovate some particular market segment and they want to start their own business and they have to go out and search for their own coverage. So anybody that is young and typically, independent of some employer is going to need health insurance and a lot of them put it well down their list of priorities when it comes to their spending for themselves.