Learn about the Health Insurance Options for Uninsured Children
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Learn about the health insurance options for uninsured children in this video with Bob Hurley from eHealth Insurance.


Almost 10 million children are uninsured in this country, what are some options for them? Bob Hurley: There are 10 million children that go without health insurance today and many of them are in families where the mom and dad just don't know that they can get something that's affordable for their children. In many cities across this nation you can cover a child for anywhere from $35.00 to $45.00 a month. So typically, it can fit into most family's budgets. Now in addition to that and it's important for these families to know, many of these states also have state children's health insurance programs where they can actually get their children covered through state programs as well. So I encourage families all across the nation that if you have a child and they are not insured, absolutely go out to the internet. You can shop for health insurance on the internet for your child. You can find very affordable plans for them, but if you still can't afford those premiums, you need to give your State Health Services office a call and talk to them about the programs that are available for your children. Really, no child should go without coverage of some kind whether it be private insurance or a state program and there are plenty of alternatives out there. I can't imagine a child not having access some kind of coverage in every state of this country.