Learn About the Game of Darts
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Throwing darts is a popular pub activity, but when played at a professional level it's in a whole new league. WatchMojo.com works on our stance, grip, aim and shot and gives some advice to new dart players.


Learn About the Game of Darts Rebecca Brayton: A very popular bar game, when this sport is played by professionals, it’s in a whole of the week. Hi, I’m Rebecca Brayton and welcome to watchmojo.com. And today, we’re learning more about darts. So tell us about the game of darts. Jerry Hull: It’s growing basically in the world a lot. Every year is getting more and more people playing it and it’s basically just a fan game to play. Rebecca Brayton: Can you explain the way a dart board is made of? Jerry Hull: Its five foot eight from the floor up back at seven feet nine inches. Rebecca Brayton: What are the proper stunts to make a shot? Jerry Hull: Proper stunts are you want to be really solid on line. Basically you want your foot planted. You don’t want to let any movement and you just want to basically get your arm do all the work. See your right hand then you shoot with your right. You plant your right foot there. That never moves. Just use your left leg there to control your balance. Hand grip really depends on the player. I hold it like that which kind of a weird grip. But a lot of people have common grip is like you put your right out with a pen or pencil. A grip is really up to the person himself. What you want to do is you want to be like really squared to what you’re shooting at. You want to have the dart in front of your dominant eye, so my dominant eye is my right eye. So I went in right in front. I just want to release it like that at the board. No movement, no swinging, just all in the arm. Rebecca Brayton: Tell us what are the different games that you can play with darts? Jerry Hull: Most common game is 501 but there’s 301, there’s cricket, there’s all kinds of different games. Even games just for your doubles and stuff just practicing. But mostly in tournaments, you’ll find that in tournaments, it’s mostly 501. Like your math has to be good at that eventually you have to know your finishes and numbers with your breakdowns basically like what to shoot at. If you play 501, you’ll start off – a lot of players will bull up first. So the closest dart to the bull’s eye will shoot first. And basically you hit scores that’s triple the value of whatever the number above it is. So basically a lot of players always shoot that triple 20. So they need a double to finish the game. So they’ll just bring that down until they say they have 16 left. So it’s double the value – so they’ll have to finish on a double. So if they have 16 left, I have to double eight. Rebecca Brayton: Do you have any tips for beginners? Jerry Hull: Get a good stands and a good throw, a good base to start off with and that will help you a lot more. You become a lot better or a lot quicker if you start of like that. Rebecca Brayton: Thank you very much. Jerry Hull: Thank you.