Learn About the Flu Shot
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This short video describes the symptoms of the flu, and dispels the widely held misconception that the flu shot actually gives you the flu.


Hi! I am Josh a medical correspondent and the medical met with BD banking today is the notion on the flu shot actually give you the flu. Now, first of all influenza commonly known as the flu is the virus that causes a respiratory ailments including fever, dry cough, sore throat and a runny or stuffy nose. The flu shot is the vaccine that given in order to preventing from getting the flu. And the way the flu shot works is that is fluid containing various particles that circulate through your blood system and allow your immune system to build up any bodies to fight of the flue once you got it. Now, since the various particles that are within the flu shot are dead, you cannot actually get sick from them. And therefore not contract flu from getting the flue shot. Since it takes a couple of days for your body develop these antibodies you can get the flu within the few days after receiving the flu shot. However, if you get sick this way it is not because of the flu shot it is because you contracted the flu through other means. So, in short this winter get a flu shot and protect yourself against the flu.