Learn about the Effects of Spanking to Discipline
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Learn about the effects of spanking to discipline in this series of parenting advice videos.


Host: Should spanking ever be use during discipline? Julie Greenlee: I don t think that spanking or ever putting your hands on your kid is ever necessary, when it comes to discipline. We have talked a lot about natural consequences that most of the choices that a kid chooses to make are going to have their own repercussions. When we choose to put our hand on a kid, there is only one enemy there; there is only bad guy and that s our hand, that s mom and dad. We want our kids to come to us for love and nurturing, not for punishment. We want our kids to learn how to be independent decision makers and the only way that we can do that is to allow kids to only feel hurt to the choices that they make. Love and logic and for children sake and through my experiences, spanking is never a good option. It leaves children angry, it leaves them feeling rejected by their parent, feeling hurt by their parent and that doesn't leave us in a good place to really discipline them and to provide them with the empathy and consult them to make the decisions in the future.