Learn About the Dangers of Cosmic Radiation on Astronauts
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Learn about different types of radiation on earth. Also learn about the dangers and risks of cosmic radiation for astronauts and how scientist are trying to prevent this.


Learn About the Dangers of Cosmic Radiation on Astronauts Radiation exists all around us. In benign forms like microwaves or radio waves seen here shrinking throat tissue, it’s also used in therapeutic but potentially lethal forms like X-ray’s and radiation that kills tumors. But radiation exposure is not limited to earth. Cosmic radiation is a major concern for astronauts in outer space. Scientists worry that the major long term risks associated with radiation exposure during prolong space missions could be radiation induced cancers that probably wouldn’t appear until later in life. As a result, NASA is trying to redesign space craft that could shield astronauts from radiation. The scientists are looking into chemo preventatives like anti-oxidants, vitamin E and C as well as soy bean extract to good health prevent the damage resulting from ionizing radiation. Those treatments will be especially important for missions to Mars and beyond.