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School cafeterias across the country are getting food makeovers when it comes to offering healthier lunchtime choices for kids. Check out how the program "healthier generation" is helping establish good eating habits.


Rhiannon Ally: Cafeterias across the country are getting food make over when it comes to offering healthier lunchtime choices for kids. Check out how the program healthier generation is helping establish good eating habits. President Bill Clinton: This is the single most significant public health challenge America faces today. If we don’t turn this around were actually running the risk of raising the first generation of Americans to have shorter life spans in their balance. The solutions to obesity are in changing how we live, and work, and eat, and what we do. But you know that it has to happen person by person, family by family, school by school, community by community and if you were trying to budget this who knows when it’s all going to happened right? But it’s the only thing that will work. Ginny Ehrlich: The mission of the Alliance for Healthier Generation is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015 our goal is really to combat the epidemic, which is affecting nearly one in three young people across the country. Former President Bill Clinton is the co-leader of the alliance along with Governor Swardgenegger and Dr. Clyde Yancy from the American Heart Association. President Bill Clinton: The school if we are and I believe represents the forefront not only of the effort to turn around the obesity epidemic and avoid having a generation totally paralyzed by diabetes and other problems. But in what you're doing and the way you're doing it you represent the way were going to have to do change in America. Ginny Ehrlich: We will be recognizing 114 schools for really transforming their school environments to be healthier places. John Fraraccio: Hi guys you can get to that celery and carrots. We just basically, we follow the nationwide trying to—to try remit childhood obesity and with the support of our District, our District Superintendent and our Assistant Superintendent we decided that we were able to really make some, some big changes in our kids environment. Sal Valenza: We've been working in all of our schools to make sure that not only we were changing the food service and they're offering more fruits and vegetables, lower fat items. Were also working with our physical education departments and our health departments to make sure that were having a whole school reform and working for its having a healthier school. Which helped us to become go to schools in New Jersey last year. Ginny Ehrlich: What we found is that schools have been incredibly innovative; the vast majority of schools enrolled in the healthy schools program have actually changed out their beverages to be healthier, less choleric and more nutritious so that you'll find primarily milk, water and juice in vending machines across the country in schools that we worked with. We also with schools to change their physical activity opportunities and increase them, so you'll see staff and students walking together before and after school. Which not only increases physical activity opportunities but it really increases the opportunity for staff and students to build relationships that we know are protective against dropout and are important to keeping kids in school. John Fraraccio: Were also trying to get more activity breaks and physical education minutes into so many other subject areas. So physical fitness is definitely the forefront of what were doing here. President Bill Clinton: Many of you have friends who are educators, parents in schools districts or schools that are participating in this program. I hope you will urge them to do, you're on the cutting edge of what I think would be predominant social effort in 21st century and find the answer of health questions. You have gone a long way toward answering them or you would not be honored here today.