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Gary Vaynerchuk: Hello everybody and welcome to WineLibaryTV. I am your host, Gary Vaynerchuk and this my friends is the Thundershow a.k.a the internet’s most passionate wine program. First and foremost, an enormous, huge Merry Christmas to everybody who celebrates Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever your thing may be, Mott! But obviously, it is Christmas Eve. It’s raining mild, a little colder and it would be snowing. It would be way Christmasing it here in the dirty Jers but alas, we are getting rain instead. And I’m very excited because I know there’s a lot of people watching for the first time, whether you’re watching today and Christmas Eve because some people celebrate before Christmas. Or it is now tomorrow on Christmas Day and you’re getting to a Secret Pack. There are new relative. Welcome Uncle Harry, Aunt Janice. It is a pleasure to meet you. And big ups to cousin Suzette for being here and watching us for the first time. You got your Secret Pack in the mail, you opened up the wine and bam! There are four wines in front of you, not sure which ones you’re going to taste along with me but I hope you enjoy the journey. Let’s grab hands and let’s make wine love, my friends. Now first and foremost, huge, huge announcement. I hope you’re watching today and if not—well, today at Christmas Eve. And if not, you just missed me. Hopefully, it will be on the internet. But tomorrow, tomorrow on the Today Show, I will be making me Today Show inaugural, you know? Mott: Debut? Gary Vaynerchuk: Yeah, debut, my debut! The debut on the Today Show! I’m very excited! Meredith and Ann Currey, I get the ladies, which is great. And we’ll be doing sparkling segment, 7 to 11 it runs at the Today Show but I think I’m going to be at the 8 to 9 o’clock hour is what I was told. So please set your teevo’s, your DVRs, whatever you’ve got and I hope you catch me tomorrow. So hopefully, you saw me in the morning and hopefully you’re seeing me now again in the afternoon, so it is great to see you again if you’re doing that. Let’s get into the wines because that’s why you’re here. Now, you hear me cry about the Jets, how I feel like wow, maybe this is 2002 all over again when the Jets played the four o’clock and the Patriots played. The Dolphins at one o’clock. The Pats had nothing to play for, Mott, nothing. They didn’t make the playoffs that year, nothing to play for. Miami was playing to win the division. They went to New England and they lost! The Pats won! Similar to what the Patriots are doing to another AFC East team, the Buffalo Bills at one o’clock. Maybe they had nothing to play for. Maybe they lose. Then at four o’clock, the Jets that year in 2002 happened to be playing the Green Bay Packers. Ironically, the quarterbacks of that game were Chad Pennington and Brett Favre. Well, guess what’s happening again here in 2008? They are both playing again. Maybe, just maybe, history can repeat itself and the Jets can get very lucky. Go Buffalo! Go Buffalo! Go Buffalo! Something I never thought I would say. Bob’s 2007 Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. This wine rolls in at $9.00. Bob’s African is the producer. I really, really wanted to start off with a Sauvignon Blanc today for a couple of reasons. One, a lot of you are drinking them. Two, you’re drinking them mainly from New Zealand nowadays. Three, I hate California Sauvignon Blanc as a lot of people know, and I would never just say that, but the majority of California Sauvignon Blancs are uninspired in my opinion in that $8.00 to $12.00 price range. South Africa is a sneaky play where the dollar hasn’t lost as much steam and we’re getting very good quality still coming out of the area. $9.00, which is a good price point for a South African wine, a Sauvignon Blanc as well. And I’m excited about trying this again. I have had all four of these wines. That’s why I put them in the Thunder Pack, so it’s an unusual WineLibraryTV. However, I did pick wines and we’ll continue for the Secret Packs to pick wines, or if you want to start going on with the Gary Vaynerchuk Wine of the Month Club that we’ve got going on, Mott, link that up. Mottster, if you don’t know him, you will. Mott, you should probably join me. Do you want to join me? I don’t even make reference to this fact that this is the 600th episode. Mott: I know. Gary Vaynerchuk: This is the 600th episode! Mott, come and join me a little bit. Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out. You come here a little bit. You get over here a little bit, why not? Oh, you’re bringing a chair. You get over here a little bit. That’s the bright guest to have on the 600th episode, the Mottster! You take this, Mott. I’ll take this. You could hang out a little bit. You can go back to your comfort zone a little bit, but taste a little Sauvignon Blanc with me. 600th, what do you think about that? Seriously? Mott: Congratulations! Gary Vaynerchuk: Thank you, man, and to you! Mott: Thank you! Gary Vaynerchuk: You’re a bigger star than I am! I mean, every time we go anywhere, everybody is like, “Oh Gary, I like your show! Mott!” And they hug you and they kiss you. It gets pretty wild. You become quite an—you’re like Hasselhoff. Mott: Reluctant. Gary Vaynerchuk: Hmm, you like to say it but you sure love the cuddles. All right, let’s give it a sniffy-sniff, Mott. You haven’t done a lot of new Sauvignon Blanc in your career. Mott: No. Gary Vaynerchuk: Have you ever had a Sauvignon Blanc? Mott: Yeah, I’m sure I have. Gary Vaynerchuk: But probably not many, if any, right? Mott: No. Gary Vaynerchuk: What do you get on the nose? Mott: It smells burnt, doesn’t it? Woody? Gary Vaynerchuk: I get grassiness. Mott: I don’t get the grass. Gary Vaynerchuk: And I get green peppers, just like grass and green peppers more on this than burnt, but I kind of can see where you’re going with it. Kind of like a junkyard fire. Mott: Yes. Gary Vaynerchuk: Do you know what I mean? Mott: Yes. Gary Vaynerchuk: Do you know what I mean, like that kind. I kind of see where you’re going with that, kind of where like steel and rubber and other things were on fire, more so than— Mott: Rubber, okay, rubber is better. Gary Vaynerchuk: You like that? All right, let’s give it a whirl. Mott: It’s a splasher. Gary Vaynerchuk: Do you see how I treat that, Mott? Let’s now put that under here. Let it sit there for six months and we’ll come back to it. What do you think about this wine? Mott: It’s very dry, dry on the palate. Gary Vaynerchuk: High in acid. Mott: Very acidic, yeah, I was going to say almost like a lemon. Gary Vaynerchuk: Now you said acidic, not Hasidic. Mott: No. Gary Vaynerchuk: Okay, I just want to make sure. What do you think about the fruit? Do you get the cantaloupe? Do you get the lime? Do you get the really high—I mean, I get a lot of acid, which I like. And this week’s much more food-friendly. This is definitely not your sugared over-the-top New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc ever. This is more of Loire Valley play with a little New World love. There’s good heat in there for the acid but a nice ripe apple component coming through as well, which I think is pretty solid. Mott: Yes, the apple. Gary Vaynerchuk: You get the apple? Mott: Yeah, I definitely get it. Gary Vaynerchuk: Yeah, there is a really Granny Smith even. I’ll even go—I’ll even really show some skills here and go green apple. It’s really where it’s at. I like this; I like it. It’s not bad. What do you think? Mott: It’s good. Gary Vaynerchuk: Do you like it? Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: I think it’s a very solid Sauvignon Blanc. I think it’s going to go extremely well for a lot of you right now. This is a great apetit for people coming over—in-laws, friends, ex-wives, ex-husbands, different people rolling through the home today. Put this in the fridge, great little chiller, great little welcome. It might be—a lot of people think red this time of year but white wine is a great crisper, picker-upper. $9.00, great, great, great springtime, summertime, beach, wedding season white wine. I was thinking about that a little bit. A lot of 22, 26-year-old Vayniacs out there who are going to be thinking about wedding wines. Here’s a great value play. I like this wine. To me, this is a quintessential 89-point wine just on the custom of being great but maybe it doesn’t have the ‘umph’ to take it over the top into that scary 90-point zone, whatever that means. But extremely well-made, good job. And big shout-out to Bob who gives 10% of the proceeds to benefit the HIV and AIDS research in South Africa. Mott: Oh, that’s great. Gary Vaynerchuk: I know the guy behind this pretty well. This is really—the Pinotage is really pretty darn good as well, but pretty good start. Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: What do you think? Do you want to continue to hang out or you want— Mott: Sure! I’ll run back and do the zoom, and then come back. Gary Vaynerchuk: Okay, fine. Awesome! Let’s do this. Rinse, move to the big-ass glass. All right! Let’s move on. Let me slide for a second and let’s get right into the Rhone Rebel Gsm Cotes du Ventoux. This is an $8.00 US wine. Now, what’s really interesting is focusing on the Cotes du Ventoux, this area right here on the world. Now, 17,000 acres planted in the Ventoux, 85% of that being red. Mont Ventoux is a huge mountain that really separates Provence from the Rhone Valley. Very hot summers, very cold—I mean, very cold winters and that’s very important to understand. That really gives you a sense of the place. We’ve talked about Peschiera in the past. We are big fans of this area. I am especially a big fan of the Ventoux. I think these wines roll in at very fair prices, $8.00 on the Rhone Rebel. Let’s see what’s going on here. A really nice color as you can see, Mott. Let’s give it a sniffy-sniff, $8.00, great alternative. The Cotes du Ventoux is two people that love to consume Cotes du Rhone. They’re a little bit less expensive and they tend to be right up there in quality in my opinion, really an unheralded area of the world. Let’s give it a sniffy-sniff. What do you get, Mott? Mott: Barnyard. Gary Vaynerchuk: You are getting barnyard? Mott: It’s Old World. Gary Vaynerchuk: You know, first of all, I think it’s a pretty tight nose. I’m pretty impressed with your nose skills because I’m not getting a whole, whole lot. What I am getting is clearly cherry flavor coming through. I also get a little blackcurrant, which I like. And I get a little bacon fat. I do not get as much barnyard as you do, but maybe, you know. You’re picking it up! Let’s give it a whirl and see what’s going on in the palate. Mott: Oh, it’s not what I expect it. Gary Vaynerchuk: No? Mott: I thought it was going to be real overall with the tobaccos and leather. Gary Vaynerchuk: Yeah, and? Mott: It’s more—definitely more fruity, a little more New World style. Gary Vaynerchuk: Yup. Would you consider this easy drinking? Mott: Uh-huh. Gary Vaynerchuk: It’s extremely light. I mean, it’s medium-bodied. It’s a light to medium body play but a very silky and easy-drinking red wine. To me, this is a very important type of red wine because so many of you Vayniacs, so many people email me, “Gary, my husband only drinks white wine. I like red wine. How do I get him to start drinking red wine? What do I start with? You know, a lot of people always try to figure it out. A lot of times, you get heard and I tell people, “Start with Bougelaise.” But to me, this is a textbook red wine to get a non-red wine drinker into a—you’re not a big red wine drinker. Mott: Not at all. Gary Vaynerchuk: So you being that—you know, our sacrificial lamb here kind of thing, what do you think about it? Mott: For my palate, my unskilled red wine palate, I’m getting something else. I can’t articulate it though. Gary Vaynerchuk: Pizzazz? Mott: No. It’s everything you said. It’s silky, it’s a medium body. I could definitely drink this. Gary Vaynerchuk: It doesn’t feel overbearing to you? Mott: No, it’s not like those real old— Gary Vaynerchuk: And the tannins are not harsh in the back-end. Mott: No. Gary Vaynerchuk: What they’re being replaced with wouldn’t you say, Mott, is cherry-covered rose petals? Mott: Yes, definitely getting the cherry. Gary Vaynerchuk: And how about the roses because I’m really getting the floral play here? I’m getting flower shop, you know, little shop of florals kind of thing exploding in my mouthpiece. Mott: I’m not getting any of that so much. Gary Vaynerchuk: I understand. Let’s give it one more shot. Mott: That could be all that up. Gary Vaynerchuk: Huh? Mott: That could be all that up later. Gary Vaynerchuk: Excellent. To me, what I really like about this is that it’s very easy drinking. It’s very smooth. There’s a creaminess component to it on the mid-palate like a custard kind of play. I also get a raspberry jam kind of thing now that’s starting to approach as this wine opens up a little bit. Mott: Yeah, there’s definitely a jammy back-end. Gary Vaynerchuk: Right? Isn’t it kind of jammy? This is a nice little play. It feels a little bit like—it’s a very easy drinking, it’s very well played. I really see a lot of people right now around the house , Christmas Day, kids are playing and people are saying, “Wow, this red is kind of really easy drinking.” So if you got like Aunt Sue or your girlfriend or somebody in the family who is not a red wine drinker, you got to pour a little bit and run it over to them and say, “You know grandpa, drink this up. Put down the bourbon Grandpa, try this. Let’s see what you think,” and I think that you will find some people who have never accepted red wine into their hearts find a way to enjoy them. What do you think? Mott: Yeah. You definitely make this a play. Gary Vaynerchuk: I think so, too. I think it’s a simplistic wine, more like an 87 or 88-point type wine for me on my palate because of its really lack of complexities but very easy drinking, very well played. And again, a very thought out wine in this pack for me because this is the 600th episode. And what is the 600th episode? The recap of—great job by somebody by the way. I got to look it up in the forums. I’ll give you a shout in 601. She nailed it. She said there would be no show yesterday for 600 and this would be about family and just a big announcement, which was the Today Show. She just crushed it with her guess, by the way. Mott: Yeah, I remember— Gary Vaynerchuk: Somebody did it though. Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: But you know, this is all about experience. Mott’s here, it’s exciting, it’s raining, it’s about trying new things, finding purposes for wine, and most of all, drinking with people you love. This wine I’m hoping will open up three to four people in your life who you love who do not just drink red wines to saying, “You know what, just maybe…” And maybe 2009 is the year they expand and explore their palates. Because Mott, you are a non-red wine drinker. Mott: No, not at all. Gary Vaynerchuk: And can you see yourself possibly playing with this? Mott: Yes. This is—this would definitely be a good entry level. Gary Vaynerchuk: Very good, all right! Let’s move on to the next wine. Are you going to come back for wine number three? Mott: I’ll come back for one more. Gary Vaynerchuk: All right! Oh my, very nice. All right! Château Plain Point 2005 from the Fronsac. 75% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, this wine rolls in a $25.00 range I think. I didn’t even write that down. And this is important to understand because Fronsac’s very interesting. It’s west of Saint Émilion. It’s an area that’s about 3,000 acres of red wine production and until the 19th century, it was really the area in Bordeaux that has completely collapsed and has become obscure. We had Mrs. Murphy on the show, right? And we did the Fronsac wines with her. This is another opportunity for us, Mott, to focus on this area. I’m a big fan of Bordeaux. There’s no way we’re going to let you go through Christmas without talking about 2005 Bordeaux because this is probably going to be the last time we’ll talk about it. We’ll start talking about 2006 next year—Renzi? Mott: Renzi. Gary Vaynerchuk: And how unheralded it is and how they’re some diamonds in the rough, high tannins, all that. But 2005 Bordeaux, especially when you could find something of value in that $25.00 range, is something of what we’re really looking for. Ian and I had this while we were in Bordeaux, completely fell in love with this wine. 14% alcohol, big, dark, ruby red colors as you can see. And Mott, let’s sniff it up on the Thunder Show #600. Now, here you get intense flavors on the nose. You can really get the blackberries coming through. This more of that dark blackberry. I get a mulberry component. I don’t know how many mulberries you stuck up with that beautiful schnoz of yours. But I’m telling you, this has the mulberry action going on. There’s also a dark licorice candy thing going on, that intensity. You smell a little bit of that ripe sugar kind of thing going on. This is going to be a bigger boy. Mott: I can tell just by the nose. Gary Vaynerchuk: Absolutely! There’s a little bit of creaminess. There’s a little cedar box, a little oak. Not the ‘ugh’ but maybe like ‘ugh’ coming from behind. All right, let’s give it a whirl. What do you think about this bad boy? Mott: This is definitely a lot bigger. Gary Vaynerchuk: No question. Mott: Bolder. Gary Vaynerchuk: This has much more masculine upfront, dark fruit. There isn’t an oak component here coming through. There’s definitely some creamy oak on the back-end. That’s what you’re tasting, Mott. That wood in your mouth, I’m telling you, that’s not Haxel or Jim Dougan. It’s a little bit of a creaminess component. There’s blackberry jam in the mid-palate. The mid-palate is kind of a little pepperness, you know, you get a little pepper in the mid-palate. So a little pepper and there’s almost like a tootsie roll of that on the back-end. Not how many licks to get to the bottom, a little bit—and a little of a tootsie roll, kind of a chocolaty candy thing going on in the back-end, but it’s overdone by the bitterness of the tannins. So maybe for you, that’s a little bit difficult to find. But it’s not so bitter. It’s kind of fruity. It’s creamy if nothing else on the back-end. Mott: Yeah. This is not like one of those—the ones when you drink and like— Gary Vaynerchuk: Right. So what do you think about this for you? Mott: This, you couldn’t just sit this on its own. You’d have to have this with something. Gary Vaynerchuk: Agreed, Mr. Mott. This is absolutely begging and screaming for a big, fat-ass steak. Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: I mean this is really—if you’re cooking up tonight, this is the play. Again, I don’t expect you to pound all these bottles. I’m hoping that you either just had dinner or about to have dinner. And if you’re about to have dinner, this is the one you want to pop. You sit down, taste it along, see if you’re picking up on the flavors, but this is the one you want to really sit down with—you’re going to watch this wine evolve for the next hour and a half to two hours. Bring out your decanter, especially if your significant other got you one for the holidays, and really see what’s going on with this wine because this really has a boldness, a richness, a complexity, but it’s a little California-like. This is a little California-like. 75% Merlot, more like 80% Napa Valley Cab is how it’s coming across on the palate. So this has, for the people that love Jordan or Silver Oak or cake bread, I think has a significant play in this price point. It will be very fascinating for me to see the responses. Please, in the comments—I will be asking you the question of the day. But in the comments, please leave your comments on how you feel about these wines. Please leave a comment, period. If we don’t get 600 for 600, we’re really losers. I mean, we got thousands before. People really jumped off the comment bailing. It’s the iTunes tool thing that’s really hurting us, that sort of bureau ship that’s going. Anyway, good fruit, good ripe, a little too oaky for me, Mott, more than I remember it six or seven months ago. It feels like it’s developing another piece of wood. So I’m going to go 89 points on this wine, it falls short of where I had it. I look back on my taste and I was like—I scored a 91 in France. Was I romanced? Probably. Hmm, probably not. The fact of the Motter is, it has layered on a couple layers of wood. That’s a hair too much for me, but knowing the Vayniacs and the drinking public out there, I think a lot of people are going to really like this wine. Mott: They should, yeah. It’s good wine. Gary Vaynerchuk: Do you like it? Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: Okay. Let’s move on. Because people want to open presents— Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: All right. Are you going to come in for this one as well or are you going to— Mott: No. Gary Vaynerchuk: You’re passing on the last one? Mott: Yeah, I’ll go. Gary Vaynerchuk: All right, well— Mott: Happy Holidays everyone! Happy New Year! If you haven’t watched many episodes before, go back to the archives. This guy’s great. He didn’t get to 600 just by chance. Gary Vaynerchuk: Man, he’s right about that, and your zooming in and linking up has been world-class. Mott: A legendary. Gary Vaynerchuk: You’re legendary? Mott, thank you so much for everything. All right, a little rinse, a little rinsy-rinse. Let’s get into the last one. Now, this gets real serious. We’ve been fooling around with Mottster. It’s been fun to have him on the set, but what I really want to do is really break down and get serious on this last wine. I think you’re going to really enjoy this. This is really the treasure of the bunch. This is what really got me excited about the whole kick and caboodle. This is the Château Puech-Haut 2004 Saint-Drézéry. This is a very special wine from the Languedoc. 70% Syrah, 15% Grenache and 10% Mourvedre, a very, very capable wine. Now, you’re going to notice right by where I wrote—right down here, there’s a little thing right by where I wrote this, do you see right here, Mott? The “TETE DE BELIER”, you get that? The little black writing right there? Mott: Yeah. Gary Vaynerchuk: Got it? Mott: Uh-huh. Gary Vaynerchuk: Good work, Mottster. That is how you know it’s a different Cuvee than the one on the front. There are two different wines that you’re always looking in the back for that little Tete du Cuvee. Action—one more rinse because I don’t remember if I did it. You know, Languedoc is just in fierce plays. This is a $32.00, $35.00, even $50.00 depending on retail where you go around the country. A wine very serious, one of the great, great producers int eh Languedoc. Gerard Bru, the owner of this is a very capable proprietor that’s very intense about his project. I’m very darn excited about having this wine in your Secret Pack. This is a palate expander. This is a game changer. This is going to make a lot of people out there in the Vayner nation realize, “Holy crapzor!” That’s right, C-R-A-P-Z-O-R. Languedoc is a much more serious place for a wine. A lot of people think of it as a great value play, and I’m here to tell you it is a world-class play, so let’s get into it. Let’s give it a sniffy-sniff. Now, this gets a little party arty and a little bit Old Wordly. I get roasted red peppers coming through, sun-dried tomatoes coming through. I get a little bit of like a sheep herd, farmyard action going on, clearly big, ripe strawberry flavors coming through on the nose as well. I get a little burnt leather action. If you’ve never burned leather, you just haven’t lived, Mott. Very serious intensity, big nose. This really can use big food. I’d love this wine with cheese by the way, stinky, stinky triple cream cheeses are great to go with this. Let’s give this a whirl. Admit it, I mean this wine is loaded. Great density, complete viscosity explosion. I mean, there’s heaviness. There’s just a weight factor that we not see in the last rewinds that this wine brings to the table. Great thick, robust fruit, I get a little rhubarb on the back-end but coded with sour, right? Really sour, don’t you get it? Really sour cherries, little black pepper, cedar box, leather, all those great flavors that you look for in red wine but rounded out with a balance of oak, unlike the last one that I thought got a little off balance with the oak. This really brings a nice balance and symmetry to the overall drinking experience. Let’s give it one more shot. Great bitter back-end tannins that tell you, “Hey buster, I can last for two decades. Don’t mess with me!” And do you see the face it gave us? You saw? So a very serious wine, the kind of wine that I’ll probably go now, grab before all you animals rip it off the website. Three to six bottles of them put away because this show is—god, this is even better than I remember it. Funny. It’s funny how a wine works. It’s moments in times, it’s your mood, I mean this just comes out like an absolute world-class contender. This rivals a lot of Rhone Valley, Northern Rhone Valley wines—Hermitage, Cotes that I’ve spent $70.00 to $100.00 a bottle retail, $200.00 or $300.00 in restaurant lists. It makes me vomit in my mouth right now knowing that I can probably buy this for $60.00 or $70.00, world-class flavors, great back-end pepper that I’m tasting still right now, almost like a beef jerky component. That’s just peppered up beef jerky because you’re getting some of that meatiness. There’s some venison gaming action around it with just gorgeous length, the creaminess from the oak. I mean, this is a well-played effort. Well-played, my friend! I kind of feel like I’m in a—was it Rounders? When the Russian guy lost to Mott Damon because he got caught and he was like—I feel like I got played a little bit by this one. I’m not kidding. I feel like this wine just outclassed me. I was not capable to step up and really describe this to you guys to the best of my ability. But I got to admit, I pretty much rocked it out. That being said, this wine is epic, E-P-I-C! Great, great effort! I’m going 94 points on this wine. It blows away so many of the garbage Syrah, New World stuff that you guys go and buy that’s over-oaked and 100%, has no soul, no story, hollow in its heart and its mid-palate when you can go out and buy a real wine like this. Kudos to Gerard Bru! This wine brings serious, serious thunder. I’m very into this wine, Mott. You missed this one! You got to try this. It might be a little oldy for you; we’ll see. Big Happy Birthday number 58 to Rick Drake. Vayniacs, it’s been a great year. We’re not doing our end of the year wrap-up yet. This is just the 600th episode and the Secret Pack. I hope you enjoyed it. To all the people that have joined the Vayner nation as of today because you’re watching for the first time, thank you so much. We’re really having a lot of fun here. We’re changing the way people look at wine. We’re trying new wines, we’re enjoying each other’s company. Trust me, the person that brought you to watch this is bringing much more to my life than I am to them, so please hug them for me. Hug everybody you love. This is a great time of year. People should be treated and acting the way they act and treat each other this time of year every time of year, Mott. That being said, the Jets are breaking my heart. I can’t breathe. They’ve suffocated my soul in sports, and that’s just the bottom line. Question of the day, break down, story time! I give so many stories. Story time, break down your Secret Pack experience. That’s it! What happened? Who came over? Who watched? What do you like? Recap time, people! Recap time! And if nothing else, step up and say you’re watching the Today Show tomorrow. Thanks, Happy Holidays, something. I want comments. I need 600; I’m not going on the air on Friday without 600, so pass it on. Way too many of you are watching on iTunes and Hulu right now, so step up, come to WineLibraryTV.com, leave me a comment. You’re home tomorrow. You’re home tomorrow. You can do it. Give me 15 seconds. I know you’re with your family, but we are family. You, with a little bit of me, we are changing the wine world. Darth Vader time!