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Learn about Soy Milk and other milk alternatives. We talk to a fifth generation dairy farmer about the benefits of soy milk, and what milk products to drink if you have allergies or are lactose intolerant.


Audra Lowe: When we thinking milk most of us think of cows but there is a whole other industry of milk alternatives that’s been growing by leaves and bounds. So do these products also do the body good, we made up with the fifth generation dairy farmer to find out. Milk it does a body good unless of course you’re allergic or lactose intolerant, what then? Cyrus Schhwartz: In recent years we’ve seen a significant increase in the variety of milk alternatives a few years back all you think you’ve find is different fat levels of cow’s milk and stay your find soy milk if I’m not to produce milk it leave and find some exotic coconut milk. Audra Lowe: We made up with Cyrus Schwartz of Fifth Generation Dairy Farmer, he is the President of Mountainside Farms which produces an organic brand of soy milk called Zen Soy. We ask them to show us some alternatives to plan all cows’ milk? Cyrus Schhwartz: Of all those is base on notes probably soy milk is the best option because nutritionally and compositionally a glass of soy milk as a similar level of protein, similar level of calcium and vitamins almost always four to five calcium and vitamins whereas the other milk, rice milk and common milk have very little protein and they really kind of like white carbohydrate beverages. Audra Lowe: Soy milk is also heart healthy and there for beneficial even for those who can drink cows milk. Cyrus Schhwartz: Actually the FDA is one of the few health claims you can make as that consuming a certain amount of soy protein a day will help reduce the risk the of heart disease and so it such a great alternative. Audra Lowe: Okay so it nutritious but about the taste? The big question here is when you and your kids drink it? Cyrus Schhwartz: One of the issues with soy milk in terms of becoming big in the American market, it’s been consuming for centuries in Asia has been that has a really beanie flavor and naturally and Americans aren’t use to that with milk product and so what we’ve done in the industry is discover the last several years is had of used different processing technologies that will move those beanie notes and today we produce a line of milks that are very neutral tasting. Audra Lowe: There is even a chocolate version both milk and gluten free putting which is great for kids with allergies that still want to treat. Cyrus Schhwartz: In fact I think our chocolate soy milk is as good of better than any other cow’s milk on the market. Audra Lowe: Okay now its time for milk alternative number two and the buzz word everyone’s talking about probiotics, milk beverages containing live active cultures that can actually help with digestion. Cyrus Schhwartz: We’ve introduce the product name evolve keeper and what keeper is a yogurt like drink that has been consume for centuries maybe even millennium in Eastern Europe in a Coriaceous mountains and has a long heritage of being a healthy products. Whereas yogurt is made with two live and active cultures generally. Keeper is made many more. Audra Lowe: These beneficial bacteria have been shown to help the body in two ways, promoting digestive health and improving your immune system. Cyrus Schhwartz: Yogurt, keeper’s helps keeps those active and healthy and helps us to fight of disease. Audra Lowe: And the best thing it taste just like a delicious yogurt smoothie, so the next time you are in the dairy isle you might want to try a milk alternative instead.