Learn about Sleeping and Pregnancy
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Learn about sleeping comfortable while pregnant and what sleeping positions are safest for you and your baby.


Hi, everybody! I am Melanie Raposo and welcome to Mommy's Minute. Trying to sleep while you are pregnant can be very difficult, but here are some tips to help you out. Most pregnant women are advised against sleeping on their backs once they reach the two to three-month period. This is because the weight of the baby and the uterus can compress the larger vein, which carries blood from the lower body to the heart and can cause palpitations. The discomfort; however is usually enough to get you to change positions and will actually harm your baby. If you do ignore the signals, however, you could black out and go unconscious. The recommended sleep position for pregnant woman is on the left side, as the liver is the large organ and occupies the upper right side of the stomach. Some women even suggest placing of a pillow under their abdomen and between the legs. You can find great pregnancy pillows on the market, but make sure talk to your doctor first about which one will work for you.