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Goal Setting Advice and Tips - What does science tell us about focus?


Host: What does science tell us about focus? Gary Ryan Blair: So, does science tells anything about focus? Absolutely, there is a principal in science called entropy. It works a 100% at that time, it has no prejudice whatsoever. What it tells us is that everything goes from a state for focus of control to complete chaos, if left unattended, if left undisciplined. It doesn't take anyone at all, all that much time in order to lose focus and a very, very good example is if you are driving in an automobile and all of a sudden you drop a piece of paper on the ground and you lean over into the passenger side in order to pick it up. It wouldn't take all that long for you to wind up on incoming traffic. Well, the same principle applies when it comes to running a business when it comes to running your life, that the minute you take your eye off the ball that you lose focus, that you run into oncoming traffic that you are now facing bigger obstacles, challenges or difficulties because you didn't have the ability or capacity or willingness if you will to keep your on the ball. Entropy is a principle exactly like gravity, it works a 100% at the time, you cannot violate it, it is going to happen. If you get focused you must find a way to stay focused. If you do not, you are going to lose it and when you lose it, there is going to be train wreck somewhere along the line, you are going to lose productivity, you are going to lose time, you are going to be underutilized from standpoint of your strengths and your performance is going to be marginalized, not a good thing.