Learn About Preschool vs. Daycare
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You have two options when it comes to early childhood education, preschool and daycare. Find out what the differences are between both and how each child care option can benefit your child.


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody! I'm Melanie Raposo and welcome to mommy's minute. The choice of whether to peruse early childhood education before Kindergarten can often be tough. You might be wondering, what are my options? Well you have two preschool or daycare. Each of these child care options will offer a different experience fro your child. Preschool for instance is aim the children between the ages of two and 6. Whereas daycare is aimed at children of all ages starting from infant all the way to elementary school age. Preschool have limited hours, whereas daycares offer their services through out full working day. Preschools also offered educational curriculum whereas daycares are often viewed as more of a baby setting facility and then educational. The most important things to consider are whether you feel comfortable with the provider and the programs they offer. You want your child to be in an environment that's both fun and nurturing at the same time.