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The pregnancy rate for women over 35 has doubled, but having a baby over 35-years-old has some serious risks. Find out how to maintain a healthy pregnancy in your thirties even forties.


Melanie Raposo: Hi! Everybody I'm Melanie Raposo and welcome to Mommy's Minute. The saying that my clock is sticking isn't heard too often these days as the pregnancy rate for women over 35 has nearly doubled. Most women from 35 to over 40 have healthy pregnancies. But the risks increase gradually as women get older. Women over 35, for instance, have 25% chance of having a miscarriage also they have a higher rate of having C-section deliveries, high blood pressure and diabetes. The chances of women having a child growing Down syndrome also heavily increases fro women over 35. This is partly due to the fact that an older woman's eggs have been exposed to more X-Rays and infections than a younger woman's eggs. To help maintain a healthy pregnancy over the age of 35, be sure to get the proper amount of exercise before and during pregnancy, be sure to follow a healthy diet and insure that you're getting optimal prenatal care.