Learn About Parents in Stockholm, Sweden
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What are the well-wheeled dads of Stockholm getting behind these days? Stokke? Bugaboo? The Gear Daddy drops into a popular Swedish strollerama to get a sense of what strollers are moving in Stockholm.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to Gear Daddy the Stockholm Sweden edition you know the minute we got up to play in them I saw a dad he was strolling along with his kid in a stroller and I said guys give me the camera I got to get a picture this. We are here to cover fatherhood and I got to get a picture to dad with the stroller and then a sudden another dad with a stroller and another dad with stroller. Totally true story there are dad’s everywhere with strollers. In fact mom and dad everywhere is one of the most active stroller cities. Pedestrian Cities, Bicycle Cities I have ever seen. They are walking down the street after that point and we ended up at the Barnbutik where we are going to go inside see what parent’s in Sweden are buying. You have got the classic stokke trip trap we can adjust the height as your kid grows and this really styling brio high chair that cool shit thing is right here. Of course the classic brio toys very Swedish, the Swedish swim team sun suit keeps out the sun you know the Swede’s really need this there you know, it is 20 hours the sun a day. The classic wooden choice is actually a low in Sweden that says everyday the store has to carry Baby Bjorn. Check out this highchair totally styling I love it and check this out conversion to a stool this seems color wrinky but most of all it is the strollers. Check this out they got a silver cross high end from England, they have got the bugaboo bee but also, also they have got the stroller seller the reserves downstairs. We go and check this out. Here we are in the stroller seller check this out they have got the bugaboo, bugaboo bee they have got easy walker, brio, a queenie and this from easy walker right here yes the baby on one side and you have the kid on the other this is like stroller heaven but it is in a basement. So it is kind of like stroller hell but I am still good because it is a great full loaded if it gets cold in hell checks this out right here. You got this little baby sleeping bags right here, I love this place. Well that is all this week for Gear Daddy in Sweden, big thanks to all the women over at Barnbutik thanks for helping us out today they let us ride in great people. Female: (Foreign Language) with dadslab.com, Bye-bye.