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The Pregnancy Show Presents: Learn about Midwives


Melanie Raposo: Hi, everybody! I am Melanie Raposo and welcome to the pregnancy show. One of the most important decisions of pregnant woman is faced with choosing her primary care provider. Now traditionally, the doctors have been delivering babies in the hospital setting, but within the last decade or so more and more women are reverting back to the ancient practice of midwifery, involving a midwife who is also known as a wise woman and with us today, we have one of those wise women with us, Carolynn Prior. Hi, thanks for being with us. Carolynn Prior: You are welcome. Melanie Raposo: Now, how long have you been practicing midwife? Carolynn Prior: For about five years. Melanie Raposo: Now, have you noticed kind of this pendulum effect where people have been for midwifery and then against it and then for it. How do you explain that trend? Why are more people kind of reverting back to this ancient practice? Carolynn Prior: Well, I think that people are seeing that midwives are the specialists in normal birth and most women will have a normal pregnancy and birth. We have the luxury of having enough time to spend with them and to answer their questions to give them as much information as they need to make decisions. And I think the people will enjoy the one-on-one support that we provide in pregnancy during labor and in the postpartum period. I think that people also choose midwives because they know that they we are going to be there at their birth. We're not on a rotating schedule of, you know, on-calls, so the women can choose who the person is that is going to be at their birth. So, I think for those reasons and more women are choosing midwives.