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Are you a good candidate for male plastic surgery? If you have a receded hairline, jowls, a slipping mid-cheek fat pad, a turkey gobbler, drooping nose tip, or any other aesthetic concerns with your face, you may be a good candidate for plastic surgery. B


Learn About Male Plastic Surgery On behalf of TVLesson.com, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. I’m a board certified facial plastic surgery who specializes in surgical hair restoration. In this clip, we’re going to talk about how a man can figure out whether he’s a good candidate for a plastic surgery procedure of the face. The thing that most men or the things that most men are concerned about include everything from the turkey gobbler to the jowls, to the sagging mid face, bags under the eyes, droopy nasal tip, droopy eyebrows, and of course receded the hairlines. I have a patient here who actually has very few of these things so he's actually a great candidate but I want to talk about some of the aesthetic ideals that men look for. For example, he's got relatively nice mid jaw line. You can see it’s got a little bit of jowls but for the most part, this is a very aesthetic feature for men. As they get older, they tend to form more jowls and what we’re able to do is a little procedure of mini mid facelift which is not a full facelift, just a little incision. We’re able to pull up and create smoother jaw lines at the same time we’re turning this mid cheek fat pad and bring it to a more elevated position. In terms of for example let’s look at the active browse and the eyebrow area and the lids, he’s got nice definition of his lower lids as well his upper lids. His eyebrows have a nice aesthetic direction. He doesn’t need to use his forehead muscles. Many times we see deep forehead muscles and guys if I have droopy eyebrows. He doesn’t have that issue because he’s got a nice position of his eyebrows. And lastly with the nose on profile, we don’t want to see a droopy tip, we want to see a nice projected nose, a little bit of definition here and not a scooped out look nor a bump but ideally or maybe a slight bump for most men when they are in a slight bump or a relatively straight profile. So these are all the features that men seek when they’re undergoing plastic surgery unfortunate for my patient, he doesn’t need like of these things. On behalf of TVLesson.com, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. Thanks for watching.