Learn About Kids Obesity and Knee Injuries
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Explore the health and wellbeing issues concerning kids obesity and knee injuries.


Host: The news is grim just when we were already thinking the world had a weight problem, a new study proclaims that 50% of children in North and South America are way on their way to obesity and European children are not far behind. Governments are predicting a tragic rise in diabetes and heart disease. The sad thing is if someone is obese during childhood, they have a 50% chance of being obese in adulthood. Both self esteem and social discrimination plague the overweight child. When racing a child, it is smart to start as you mean to proceed. In other words if you want a person to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and be physically active during their life, you have to start them on this path in early childhood. Many schools are implementing healthy eating and cooking classes in the hopes of saving our children. School canteens are swapping pies for sushi and salad but there is only so much school can do. Female1: It is about parents and families being able to and supportive to make the right decisions for their children and sometimes that means saying no to sweets today. Host: Many people blame our increasingly sedentary lifestyles for the rising kid’s obesity levels. Kids need at least an hour of physical activity per day. It keeps the weight down, helps them sleep and makes them more receptive to learning. Female2: It is not just about taking your kids to see if a football match. She should be playing football with them. Also and encouraging kids to walk to school walking with them I mean we know that 50% of kids do actually walk to school but the reality is that there is a lot of kids don’t and this is certainly an easy to way that exercise could be incorporated to the day. Host: With schools, parents and governments all bonding together to create healthy options for around children. The future is definitely looking brighter and lighter. The humbled me is one of the most frequently engine body parts. Poor running technique, failure to warm up properly and doing too much too soon can all add stress and pressure to these crucial joint. Here are a few tips to keep your knees in top condition. Health experts suggest changing your running shoes every 500 kilometers. Even if you are not a runner, it pays to wear good shoes or you could end up flat on your back awaiting surgery. Nowadays, most knee surgeries are done with an arthroscope. It is a very slender fiber optic device that allows the surgeon to see exactly what is going on inside the knee. It helps surgeons to re-diagnose and better plan an open knee surgery. The best part is you are only left with two small incisions after arthroscopic surgery. And you may be up and walking with the help of crutches the very next day. Only a local anesthetic is used do you can witness all the excitement and drama of the operating theater. Swelling, pain and a build up of synovial fluid around the knees are all signs that you should seek medical advice. Exercise is kind to knees include swimming, running on treadmills I supposed to the uneven ground and cycling on level ground with a raise to sit. Obesity is actually a medical condition it is when a persons’ body fats stops to impede general bodily functions.