Learn About Innovative Baby Products - Part 1
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The Pregnancy Show Presents: Learn about Innovative Baby Products - Part 1


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody. I'm Melanie Raposo. Welcome to the pregnancy show. Today, we have a very special guest, Macrina Baichoo from My First Baby. She is going to be showing us some really unique baby products that are going to make your lives as parents a whole lot easier. The great thing is that they were all created by moms. Hi! Macrina. Thanks for being with us. Macrina Baichoo: Hi, Melanie. Thanks for having me. Melanie Raposo: Now first of, won't you tell us a little bit about what My First Baby is? Macrina Baichoo: My First Baby is an EBT and we specialize in retailing products that are mom invented and it's all for moms and babies and toddlers upto pre school age. Melanie Raposo: And how did you come up with this concept? Macrina Baichoo: I came up with the concept of My First Baby after the birth of my son. It was hard for me to get products for myself over here in Canada, and I went on the Internet and did a search, I came across a whole slew of products that are mom invented. And I thought why don't make these products available to Canadian moms as well. And that's how the concept of My First Baby was born. Melanie Raposo: Great. So what do you have first, first? Macrina Baichoo: We have tons of great products. The first product we're going to show is the snack and play tray. What it is, it's a nylon tray that you put over the car seat as well as the troller and it's great for coloring and for food on the run and you don't have to worry about spills and mats because it has the border here. So, it could keep everything in place, and your kids are happy and you are happy. Melanie Raposo: Okay, great. Now, the big thing is keeping these things clean, so can I just thrown in the machine? Macrina Baichoo: This one can not be in the machine, but you can just wipe it clean and it is good to go. Melanie Raposo: Great. Macrina Baichoo: And the next product we have is the fitted clay art sheet. It is micro fleece and it has a deep fitted pockets. So, it's very safe and when babies move around in the play pan, sometime they move the sheet that is on it and then you are great there, get chocked on it. But this one is great, it's fitted and it's only one of its kind and mom invented as well. And they are micro fleece and they are easy machine washable and they are great. Melanie Raposo: Great. Macrina Baichoo: The next, one of our great products is called swaddles. It's a swaddling aid for moms. And swaddling made easy. So it has a Velcro at the back and zipper to the front of it. There is a picture right here at the beetle that swaddle. What you do is you unzip here, tuck the baby in, tuck the arms on this side and you put the Velcro to the back of it. And you have a nice little bundle. Melanie Raposo: Oh, me? Macrina Baichoo: Okay.