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Preparing home-made baby food is simple and far more nutritious than store bought baby food.


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody, I am Melanie Raposo and welcome to the pregnancy show. With a busy lifestyle that many new parents have today, preparing a homemade meal for each member of the family can sometimes be difficult, but as Nutrition Consultant Lianne Phillipson-Webb shows us making homemade baby food is quick, simple and far more nutritious than store bought baby food. Lianne Phillipson-Webb: It's important to make your own food because the taste and flavors that you are exposing your baby to are real taste and flavor. So you are giving them a real sweet potato versus something that tastes very strange out of a jar. And as they get older sometimes they appear to get really picky or when you start to transition the amount of table food, they're not so interested in it because it doesn't have the same taste and flavor as what you've given them from a jar. So really trying to avoid that picky eater, toddler-hood or pre-schooler time or at any time, give them the real taste and flavors first and that really seems to make a big, big difference as they get older. Lianne's Mommy Chef classes teaches moms how to prepare tasty host of meals for their babies as well Lianne provides tips and how to develop and maintain a nutritious diet for babies and toddlers. Lianne Phillipson-Webb: I supply all the organic food for mums to come and make puree for their babies. All need appropriate, so 6-9 month class, we do individual fruits and vegetables. There is six week series, so you go home with a lot of food by the end of it. Your freezer is full of food, no more room for mom and dad's food. 9-12 will really look at more chunkier foods, more texture, more ingredients, beans, lentils, really easy to digest greens and pulses and lots and lots of flavor and texture for them. And then also starting to use their new pencil grip, so then picking up pieces of broccoli or cauliflower we do that also in the 9-12 month class. Then in the toddler class, we do a little bit more family foods, so really finger foods, then picking up say bean burgers or sweet potato fry, so really getting them transitioned into good tasty wholesome food. All organic, it has no sugar, no fillers, really minimal on any potential allergenic like say wheat or diary or anything like that, there are a lot of babies and a lot of toddlers have problems with it. Sheri Rapp: Preparing the food itself is very simple but it's more as you can see having 12 sets of hands to get everything done, so that's why when we are coming to something like Mommy Chef, it's great because you do have 12 sets of hands. And so we offer the baby to play and the babies have no experience, you get your food done, you get help here, but the food itself is easy. Melanie Raposo: For more information on how you can become a mommy chef, visit thepregnancyshow.com