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The Pregnancy Show Presents: Learn about Home Births


Mommy's Minute and www.ThePregnancyShow.com Melanie Raposo: So speaking about home births, I know a lot of women, it's on the rise. Now they are having babies at home, but there is this speculation of, is it safe to have a baby at home. What are your thoughts on that? Carolynn Prior: Well, we know about the research on home births is that home birth for a low risk healthy woman can be as safe, if not safe within hospital birth and the reason for that is that at the hospital women can contract infections that wouldn't normally get at home and often these infections are antibiotic resistance, so there is that factor. As well in the hospital we know that even just being close to that technology means that it is going to be used more often even with midwifery clients and that anytime you use a technology, you have that increased chance of complications. So what we know is that women who are at home and doing normal labors that the risk of having to transfer to the hospital for an emergency is very low and that overall it's a safe option. When I talk to women about choosing home birth, they do have to know that there may be some catastrophic kind of events that are better handled at the hospital, but those are rare and at the hospital they have to know that there is a bigger chance of getting an infection than they would have gotten it at home. So women have to balance what they see is their risk and the risks to make that choice. I think also that there is some research that demonstrates some women who are laboring at home have an increased chance of having a normal vaginal birth. They feel more comfortable. They feel that you know that they are in their own space and that they can just get on with labor where in the hospital it's unfamiliar. There is unfamiliar sights and sounds. There may be people coming into the room, and that women may not feel that they just kind of get down with the business of having a baby quite as easily as at home. Melanie Raposo: Okay. Carolynn Prior: Yeah, in their own surroundings with their own food, you know using their own bathroom, and being able to feel comfortable doing work of birth.