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With all those poinsettia and holiday plants decorating your home, you may be wondering if they could be harmful to children or pets who may chew or swallow them. For the medical answers, Allen Smith talked to an expert.


Male: We’ve been decking the holes for literally thousands of years with holiday greenery. But this time of year I’m often asked by people who have small children and pets “Is this stuff poisonous, is it safe to have around the house. Dell Berry an expert toxicologist explains. Female: The general evergreens, sprouts, pine and fur that people decorate their homes with aren’t much of a problem maybe a little bit of irritation to the skin. A holly plants, the berries of holly not so much the leaves can be somewhat toxic if someone were to swallow more than three or four of them you could expect some mild gastrointestinal irritation and maybe some drowsiness. Not much of a problem over all though. Male: It’s those little bright red berries that are always so enticing to children so just keep them out of reach. But what about other holiday classics like this poinsettias and mistletoe. Female: People think that poinsettias and mistletoe are extremely toxic holiday plants when in reality they’re really not much of a problem. If you suspect that you’re child or animal has gotten into more than just a small amount you probably want to take them into the emergency department for some observation. Male: Now that sounds like the best reason I’ve heard for hanging mistletoe high above the doorway. As you can see most of thee plants are harmless, some are mildly toxic but none of them are deadly. It just helps to know the difference, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. From the garden, I’m Allen Smith. Now if you’d like more information on this topic or other information just check out my website P.AllenSmith.com.