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See how Peeps are ready to haunt your favorite trick-or-treaters.


Marc Summers: We’re taking an inside look at Halloween treats and here are something to go from sweet to scary in just the few months. There peeps, popular as cuddly creatures around Easter but once the season changes look out. We have bats, cats and pumpkin shapes that put you in the spooky spirit. When most people think of peeps they picture a brightly colored chips and yummy little bunnies. So, sweet in every way, but hold on because now there is peeps that can give you to creates these are Halloween peeps, spooky ghost, scary bats hissing cats and of course pumpkins. Just like there cuter Easter cousins these peeps are made by just born Candy Company in Allentown Pennsylvania. Wendy Esch: Marshmallow Peep started back in 1953 and the peep were also name for the chick shape that they started with. It didn’t take long for them to evolve in this a mother sessions like Halloween and Christmas. Marc Summers: The Halloween pay treats first came out in the 1960’s. But only in the last five years has just born really step up there Halloween peep production. Wendy Esch: Peeps, pumpkins and peeps hats were actually first and then after that we came out with the peeps ghosts the few years ago and this year for the very first time we have a cocoa flavor bats. Marc Summers: And why are peeps not just for Easter anymore? Wendy Esch: People write to us very often and saying how they love peeps and they don’t want to wait until Easter. Why don’t we make pumpkin peeps or ghost peeps that they suggest all different shapes for different holidays? Marc Summers: The Halloween peeps are made using the same marshmallow mixture as original peeps candies. The mix is send through especially molded cutters that give the candy each shape. Making the molds just right is actually the hardest part of the peep process. Wendy Esch: Marshmallow doesn’t really lend itself to certain were tight corners or spikiness things like that. So, we have to be kind of careful to make sure that the shape is easy and have to recognize when you try to recreate out marshmallow. Marc Summers: The molded marshmallow pieces are then given a coating of colored sugar, bright orange for the pumpkins, dark coco for the bats. The final touch for this freaky treats comes here where tiny to tell like eyes or mouse are hands stamp using sugary icing. The hand stamping technique made each peep is unique. Wendy Esch: They hand stamp, maybe a little warp to the right and a little warp to the left. And it really does make them unique and gives them a kind of an old fashion look. Marc Summers: The finish peeps are check over then wrap up. Josh Bourn turns out almost 100 million of this Halloween peeps each year. That means, the factory starts cranking out this creators in April or May to make sure they’re all done in time for October 31st. But as most people ever know this candies are famous for there ability that last a long time. Wendy Esch: Peep have a very long shelves life, actually as long as they’re in a cool dry environment which just how we keep them in our warehouse, they’ll asks for quite a while. Marc Summers: Survey show that 20% peepers prefer there marshmallow slightly age. Wendy Esch: Some people swear that the best way to do them is to flip the cellophane open and let them set out for a couple of weeks. Marc Summers: Rightfully fresh or slight the age, this marshmallow peeps are on usual Halloween treat.