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John Joseph, DMD, explains what gum disease is and gives its signs and symptoms. He also describes how gum disease is treated.


The gum and the supporting bond support the tooth that keeps the tooth firm in our jaw. And what happens is when you have gum disease you get some inflammation or infection around into the gum. And you see that with a lot of bleeding gums. We are very careful about as far as we check packets to be sure that the bone is not starting to reserve and making the teeth very loose or causing some problems. Also there’s a bacteria that while we take care of that now only as far as oral health but this bacteria also causes some problems with the heart, that they found out that some of these the same bacteria that causes gum disease also destroys some heart tissue so it’s all interrelated. But how we treat those is a lot of times usually what we do is as far as better oral hygiene, be sure to take care of it, you know as far as cleaning. We can go to a hygienist we clean the teeth. A lot of times many times we have central periodontitis they have to do some gum surgery on that to reduce these, to get everything good and clean so that the patient is able to maintain good oral health.