Learn about First Aid, Fibre and Baby Feeding
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Explore the health and wellbeing issues concerning first aid, fibre and baby formula versus breast feeding.


Learn about First Aid, Fibre and Baby Feeding Host: If you suddenly found yourself at the scene of an accident or in the presence of an ill person would you feel confident in coping with the situation? Many people live it until disaster actually strikes to find out the answer to that question but you can get yourself prepared by attending an accredited first aid course. The handy mixture of online training and classroom workshops will have you exactly in the night regarding the latest CPR techniques among other things which side do you draw the recovering body onto. How do you effectively check for a post, clear an airway? Allan Powel: The most important thing we can teach people is what to do to tape someone’s table before they contact the Emergency Services and that is probably the most important thing that they need to know when to call the ambulance, when I can leave the patient. Host: Anyone can need a helping hand from time to time people suffer asthma attacks and heart attacks at the most in opportunity moments often surrounded by people who’ early action is to offer a glass of water. Eight hours study in the few exams could have used saving the day with decisive action and confidence. Food with fiber it’s something we associate with all the excitement and flavor of a cardboard box. However by substituting a few key staples and adding in some fresh options you’ll be willing your way to the recommended 35 grams of fiber per day. First of all ditch the white bread a slice of home meal will give you twice as much fiber doing your blood sugar levels a messy favor. Swap the cornflakes for a bowl of raw muesli it has 8 grams of fiber per serve compared to cornflakes one gram. Don’t give up the pasta but do make sure it’s home meal. You’ll hardly taste the difference an ear of fresh corn can give you 3 gram fibers heat a handy snack to pack in the lunch box. Plums right nicely on the fiber aroma to two—two grams for such a small fruit. Everybody loves mash guaranteed to add bulk to your system to keep things moving. The piece of the starch says no to gold stones with fresh green apple coming in at five grams. Fiber plus. It’s a hot topic for new moms all around the globe. Formula or breastfeeding, Western medicine says the more you breastfeed the less prone you are to osteoporosis in later life. And of course crucial antibodies are past between mother and child during a breastfeeding session. Making babies immune system naturally strong and healthy. Elinor: Breastfeeding maybe natural but actually it doesn’t come naturally necessarily for everyone. And at the beginning it can be very difficult and you can really feel that there’s one set back off to the other and I think the important thing is there an awful law of experts out there who will help you. Host: Traditional Chinese medicine one’s not to breastfeed past to 6 months mark by then all the antibodies have been passed. For some, formula is the best option. Painful mastitis can be avoided by the bottle and that has given the opportunity of bonding equally with the baby as he shared the nightly feeds. It’s a decision not made lightly and one that should take both you and the baby into consideration. Adding more fiber to your diet can upset your tummy at first try adding it in gradually.