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Learn about financial jobs in this video with Janet Bodnar.


Host: What are financial jobs? Janet Bodnar: Well, financial jobs are certain responsibilities, financial responsibilities that you give to your child. Now, for a young child the six or seven-year-old, it could be a very simple thing like paying for their own collectibles. It could be anything from Trading Cards to Hot Wheels Racers to Beanie Babies or hair frou-frous, art pencils whatever they like to collect, but it's their responsibility, so they have to pay for with their own money, could also be refreshments. When my kids were little, we used to go the movies a lot on Friday afternoons and I would pay for the movies, but the kids have to buy their own soft drinks and they knew which movie theater state free refills on their soft drinks. So something like that is very simple for a six or seven or eight-year-old and then as the kids get older, you can expand the responsibilities. If your middleschooler is going to the mall every weekend with his or her friends, he or she should not be hitting you up for 20 bucks every time he leaves the house. That money should be coming out of his allowance. It should be build into his allowance and as the kids get older they can pay for their own birthday gifts for their friends and they learned very quickly not shop at the most expensive stores or to give thoughtful gifts that their friend might really appreciate and not just rushing out and buying them something or having you buy something and you can extend this system even into the teenage years where kids can have their own clothing allowances. So then they can have even more responsibility with bigger amounts of money to pay for articles or clothing which they probably wouldn't do when they were younger, but the beauty of the system is that you can expand the responsibilities as the kids get older.